Monday, June 28, 2010

The Postman Delivers Some Trade Goodies To The Buffet

       I am back to a somewhat normal schedule with all 11 nights of the school fundraiser in the rear view mirror and back to normal work hours for now at least. The school raised over $100,000 profit and the festival went off with no major problems while the weather was near perfect so all involved were elated with the outcome. I had a great time as usual dealing Black Jack and being co-captain of that part of the gambling tent. While I was all wrapped up in that endeavor the mailman dropped off some trade packages and here are a couple of them.

      First I have a trade with Dave of Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid fame. We took a few months to get this trade don as life had been interfering with our hobby time but we eventually got it done and it was well worth the wait. He had a bunch of sweet  game used cards from the Yankees, Nascar, and NFL I liked so I put together some Orioles and Phillies for him and these showed up in my mailbox.

 Jose Contreras and Mike Mussina 2003 Fleer Rookies and Stars gu jerseys sn'd 350/360
Jason Giambi 2003 Leaf Home gu jersey

Mariano Rivera 2009 Topps Manu Patch 1999 World Series
Roger Clemens and Alfonso Soriano 2003 Leaf Cornerstones gu jersey and bat sn'd 02/50

Casey Mears 2009 Press Pass AuthenticsPremium Signatures auto
Denny Hamlin Press Pass Authentics Hot Threads race used firesuit sn'd 97/99

Adrian Gonzalez 2009 UD Icons Manu Letter Patch "R" sn'd 07/30
Michael Huff 2006 Threads Rookie Class Letter Patch auto sn'd 086/100

All in all I am thrilled with this trade as the Yankee cards rock, the Nascar cards are georgeous and the letter patch cards were going to be part of my first contest with the letter patch card word jumble. Thanks Dave, I hope you like the cards I sent you.

Next up is an awesome package, or I should say box, that I got from Tim (aka Dog Faced Gremlin) of the The Real DFG blog. He posted about a bunch of 2010 Bowman he was ripping and I inquired about some Mets and Yankees he got since I do not do a lot of Bowman collecting. After a few e-mails it turned into a Mets and Yankees for Pirates and Steelers trade and he came through with a great bunch of cards. Here are only a few of the many cards he sent.

Tom Seaver 1993Action Packed next to the pile he sent.

2010 Bowman Mets
Beltran, Wright, Santana, Beltran gold, Mejia RC, Thole RC.

2010 Bowman Yankees
Sabathia, Vazquez, Posada, Baisley, Teixeira gold, Burnett gold

2010 Bowman mixed
Burnett Throwback, Mejia Topps 100, Santana Throwback, JR Murphy prospect, D.Murphy gold, Teixeira Throwback.

2010 Bowman Chrome BCP's
Santomauro, Gee, Shaw, Murphy, Medchill, Baisley

BCP Purple Refractors
Melky Mesa sn'd 869/999
Dillon Gee sn'd 684/999

Phil Hughes 08 Topps gold sn'd 1346/2008
John Maine 2010 Topps old school logo/cardboard parallel

That's just a taste of some great cards Tim sent my way. Thanks Tim, I hope you like the Pirates and Steelers I sent along.

More regular posting to resume so stay tuned for more trade posts, contests, and othe fun stuff from BA Benny's Baseball Cards Buffet.

Thanks for Reading!

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