Saturday, June 12, 2010

Group Break Packs #4 & #5 plus Bonus Pack

Hello again all. The last 2 teams are claimed so we have a full house here for the group break. I have set up a page on my sidebar to keep track of the action and I will update it as each pack is opened. On with the break!

Pack #4
Kerry Wood (Cubs)
Ramon Hernandez (Orioles)
Prince Fielder (Brewers)

Austin Kearns (Nationals)
Ben Broussard (Mariners)
Chris Carpenter (Cardinals)
Shawn Riggans RC (Rays)
Miguel Montero (Dimondbacks)
Rookie Sensations Scott Olsen (Marlins)
Crowning Achievement Mike Piazza (A's)**

As I said earlier about keeping certain players, Mike Piazza is one of my player collections so I will substitute another A's card (insert) for it.
Not a bad pack and the Piazza is a nice insert. He does look odd in an A's uniform though. Still no Mets and I have only gotten one Yankee way back in pack #1. Another Marlins insert, I think that makes 3.

Pack #5
Alex Gonzalez (Reds)
Jaun Pierre (Dodgers)
Brad Penny (Dodgers)

Tom Gordon (Phillies)
Ian Snell (Pirates)
Jeff Baker (Rockies)

Joaquin Arias RC (Rangers)
Troy Glaus RC (Blue Jays)

Rookie Sensations Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals)
Perfect 10 Roy Halladay (Blue Jays)

A bunch of good players in this one. I especially like the look of the Perfect 10 inserts. This is the better of the two packs but I still think #2 is just a tad better. No Mets or Yankees again. Looks like I may be giving almost all these cards away at this rate.

1993 Topps Series 2 Bonus Pack
Jeff Montgomery (Royals)
Bernie Williams (Yankees)
David Justice (Braves)
Denny Neagle (Pirates)
Ed Nunez (Rangers)

Chad Mottola (Reds) draft pick
Lou Whitaker (Tigers) GOLD
Checklist 2 of 6
Barry Bonds (Pirates)** Will be substituted
Chusk McElroy (Cubs)

Mike LaValliere (Pirates)
Mike Pagliarulo (Twins)
Cory Snyder (Giants)
Checklist 1 of 6
Finally a Met and Yankee for me. These are a fun change of pace from the Fleer and this first pack was OK. I am going to count the gold cards as inserts since they aren't really base but are a parallel.
I will add these to make up for the 2 I am keeping for my player collections.
There you have it. All but 3 teams have something and the pirates lead with 6 base while the Marlins lead inserts with 3. Don't forget the standings on my sidebar.

 Thanks for Reading!


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