Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ed Rolled Me Out A Nice Trade Package

Hello again all. A couple of weeks ago Ed over at Roll Out The Barrell had a nice box of 2008 UD Masterpieces he posted about and mentioned some Mets and Yankees framed cards he got. Like a lot of people out in Blogoland, Ed's fondness of New York teams ranks right up there with athlete's foot and sour milk so out of the kindness of my heart I offered to relieve him of the discomfort of having to look at said Mets and Yankees cards and told him I would fill the void with some Brew Crew cards. As usual he was happy to do so and rolled a package my way.

Chamberlain, Wright, and Matsui
These three were the source of his irritation from the Masterpieces box and he got on a roll in purging himself of some more of those nasty NY cards.
Mantle x2, Posada, and Wright
 Some shiny cards reflecting the Mets and Yankees names into his eyes.

Santana x2, Martinez, and Delgado
More blue and orange that was infecting his collection.

Fernandez, Lyons, Walker, Strawberry, Magadan, and Teufel
Classic late 80's and early 90's tough guys from Queens NYC.

Cano, Niekros, Rivera, Williams, Winfield, and Matsui
Some Bronx bad boys from yesterday and today.

This is about half of the package but I won't torture all the non NY fans out there with the rest. Now anybody who travels about in Blogoland knows that there are many folks out there are not exactly enamored with the 2 New York baseball teams and that's nothing new. Here at BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet I have a started a program where I will help anybody who wants to rid themselves of those ugly, nasty, repulsive, scary, objectionable, and plain old hideous Mets and Yankees cards from their homes never to be seen again. No questions will be asked and no animals will be harmed.

All joking aside, thanks for a great package Ed and I hope you enjoy the Brewers I sent out.

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