Friday, June 25, 2010

Silver Platter Card Of The Day ~~ Double Vision Edition

Hey all. Things are still super busy here so posts have been scarce. Between work where overtime has made a surprise appearance the last few weeks, coaching travel softball, and dealing Black Jack every night for the last 8 nights, I have had very little time for much else after a little family time. Hopefully by next week some time things will get back to normal around here. The last night for dealing Black Jack will be Sunday (night 11) and the odds of OT over 4th of July weekend are slim and no softball either should make for some time on the horizon. Anyway here are a couple of favorites out of my collection to show off to get a quick post in.

2005 Playoff Prime Cuts Dwight Gooden
Game Used Bat, Hat, Jersey, Glove
SN's 04/50, 26/50 

As you can see, I have two of these gems.I love the odd swatches like the hat and glove pieces and to get four different items is a huge score. Gooden was so dominant in 1985 so this is a good way to commemorate that season. Feel free to share your opinions on these cards.

Thanks for Reading!


Anonymous said...

Wanna trade one??

TheBrooklynMet said...

Very nice. I am a big fan of the odd swatches too: glove and even hat ones are cool.

(...Joe) said...

All the "Playoff" stuff I've seen is really nice. They did a great job with keeping the design simple, but not boring. I need to pick some Piazza stuff up of it!

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