Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Card Of The Day ~~ 2010 Series II Style

Hope you all enjoyed my 2010 Topps Series 2 Jumbo break yesterday. After I finished posting the videos and writing up the post I was going through my bag from the card store to go through some other stuff I got and forgot about the 3 hobby packs of series 2 I grabbed. They were good with the usual stuff, 2 your mother cards, and  I did score what I like to call a mini hit.

2010 Topps #586 Black Bordered Roy Oswalt sn'd 48/59 

I guess this makes up for not getting one in the jumbo box. Funny how I think I would be very happy if Mr. Oswalt ended up here in Queens NY with the Mets and this little gem pops out for me. Hopefully for him no matter where he ends up he stays healthy after a troubled 2009 season. He has a 3-7 record this season on what is a bad team and his ERA is a very respectable 2.78.

I would be open to trading this card if anybody has interest.

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