Thursday, June 10, 2010

Packs #2 and #3 Of Free Break! Still Time To Get In! Last 2, A's and Rangers Are Left

Back with packs #2 and #3 in BA Benny's Buffet's free break. There is still time to jump in and guess the best pack (for me). Details here and the update of teams left here. Onto the packs!

#224 Jeff Francis (Rockies)
#156 Francisco Cordero (Brewers)
#180 Jered Weaver (Angels)

#40 Jorge Cantu (Rays)
#94 Jose Castillo (Pirates)
#358 Fred Lewis RC (Giants)

#336 Alexi Castilla RC (Twins)
Rookie Sensations #RS-JH  Jeremy Hermida (Marlins)

Rookie Sensations # RS-JJ Josh Johnson (Marlins)
Year In Review #YR-MO Justin Morneau (Twins)

A pretty good pack with an extra Rookie Sensation insert and the first of the Year In Review inserts. Twins and Marlins get the best of this one.

#255 Jose Contreras (White Sox)
#304 Bob Wickman (Braves)
#215 Ivan Rodriguez (Tigers)

#114 Eric Chavez (A's)
#7 Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals)
#400 Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals checklist)

#331 Ryan Sweeny RC (White Sox)
#349 Kevin Hooper RC (Tigers)

Rookie Sensations #RS-FL Francisco Liriano (Twins)
#182 Howie Kendrick DIE CUT (Angels)

This pack yielded the first die cut card. Basically they cut the white borders off and keep the upper right corner rounded like the pictures on the regular base. Aside from the die cut this pack was OK with another insert for the Twins.

I got shut out on these two packs with no Mets or Yankees. At this very early point I have to put pack #2 in the lead for best pack. The extra insert and quality of players edge it past pack #1 with my only card so far. (Wang)  I have only one card out of the 3 packs so far so I hope that ratio changes in a hurry. Where are all the Mets Cards!

Three more teams have been grabbed while I wrote this so 2 are left, the A's and Rangers.

Thanks for Reading!


SpastikMooss said...

I'll take the DBacks too if you want someone to take them...two teams is nice lol.

mmmrhubarb said...

If someone else is hot on the White Sox, I would swap it for the Rangers.

Looks like I'm going to have to round up some more Mets to send off you you, dude ;)

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