Monday, March 1, 2010

Trade Package And Contest Winnings Arive Today

    I was very happy when I came home today to find a package from Joe over at Cobb and Halladay. This little bundle of cardboard (and some other materials) included my winnings from Joe's Superbowl contest and a trade we worked out on top of the contest. Apparently this package decided to take a little rest somewhere in our postal system as it took 13 days to travel from the Buffalo NY area to New York City, somewhere around 250 miles as the crow flies. The funny part is that Joe sent me another envelope to hook me up with some cards for some extra Bills auto cards I sent him and that one came in a matter of days. We both were a little worried after a week but I knew the angel of lost packages would help it find it's way to me.
       First the contest prize. I was fortunate to be one of 3 who tied for first in the contest but by tiebreaker I ended up third so had last choice of 3 great prizes. I couldn't lose but of coarse I had my favorites. When Night Owl who had first pick was kind enough to give back his prize as he doesn't collect football and wanted someone who really wanted the cards to get them. I sent him a little stack of Dodgers cards for his act of kindness. That moved me up and got me this awesome lot of football cards.

         Allen Page /88, Sonny Jurgensen /90, Len Dawson /99, Joe Klecko /50, and Beanie Wells /500
I stole the picture from Cobb and Halladay, hope he doesn't mind but it's better then any picture I could take.
 The Klecko, and 3 HOF'ers is what drew me to choose this lot over a beautiful Mark Sanchez Jumbo he had in the prize bin with a great Mathew Stafford also. It was a tough choice but I really couldn't lose.

When Joe e-mailed me a couple of days later and informed me the Sanchez was available if I wanted to trade for it I was really excited. I guess that is what makes this a great hobby as different people like different stuff and the third winner (Sorry I forget the name right now) chose the Stafford.

2009 Certified Freshman Fabrics 27/50

I was stoked and we added this little gem to the deal as well.
2006 Playoff Contenders Leon Washington Auto RC

A great looking card! Then there was an 08 A&G Jason Bay Jersey card and a Dustin Keller Jersey card for some extra Bills Autos in the first envelope that came quickly. Sorry I for got to take pictures of them.
Ok, great trade complete everyone is happy except the hookups continue as there were bonus cards added. I love bonus cards!
An SP Prospects Mike Pelfrey USA Jersey card. This is my first Pelfrey game used card. Awesome!

09 Topps gold Gary Sheffield /2009. Love the sn'd cards.
08 Bowman Chrome Elvin Ramirez. I don't have too much Bowman Chrome so this is great too

A couple of Fernando Martinez RC's. 09 Topps Chrome and Topps 206

A couple from Upper Deck's 04 Timeless Teams series. Keith Hernandez and Lenny Dykstra. Another set I didn't collect. Joe really felt my vibes when he chose all these cards.

Then this came out of the blue. I don't know how he figured this one out, I don't recall ever mentioning NY Islanders. I do very little hockey. Only select Islanders and even less Rangers and Devils. This one will fit nice in my Islander collection. UD Artifacts Kurtis McLean sn'd 405/999.

There was even more Mets and Jets base stuff that I won't list as this post has gotten long enough. Let's just say Joe rocks! I hope to trade with him again in the future.

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