Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Mail Box This Week. Trade Posts

Hey again all. I got some trade packages and an ebay package in the mail this week so I want to share the contents with you.

First I have a trade with Ed from Roll Out The Barrel. I sent him some Brewers stuff and was thrilled when a nice package of Mets stuff hit my mailbox.

07 Turkey Red Jose Reyes gu jersey
I knew this one was coming but the rest were a great selection of cards I didn't know any specific details about. I love when a surprise package delivers. I will show only a few of the great cards Ed sent as this post will be long enough.
09 Goodwin Champions Reyes 
10 Topps Gold Carlos Delgado /2010 
Always love the gold and I didn't do the Goodwin set so I don't have many of them.

04 Leaf Certified Materials Tom Glavin gu jersey 106/150
I really like the Certified Materials cards so this one is a big score.
This is a small taste of the great cards Ed sent and I hope to trade again with him.

Next up is a trade I had with Chris of On Card Autos. I had some Cubs game used he was interested in and these came in return.
06 UD Game Materials David Wright gu pants
03 UD Patch Collection Mike Piazza 1996 All-Star Game
07 Sweet Spot signatures Darrell Rasner auto 070/299
07 Bowman Heritage Dontrelle Willis gu jersey

Anything David Wright is great. The Piazza manfactured patch is one of the best I have seen from this set and he is one of my favorite players. The Rasner is my first Yankee Sweet Spot auto, I do have one from the Mets already. The Dontrelle is the 25th different gamed used I have of him. I can't believe as a Mets fan I collect thid guy but I guess watching him beat thge Mets for all those years while with florida I had to respect how great he was  back then. Chris also sent me a nice bag of assortrd Mets and Yanks cards to go wit these gems.

Moving on to a package, or I should say box from Tim over at Great Sports Name Hall Of Fame. He sent me an e-mail saying he had some Mets,Yanks and players I collect and asked if I was interested. I said sure and put together some stuff on his wanted lists and mailed out a package to him. He mentioned he had a game used for me as he read they were my favorite but wouldnt tell me so I would be surprised.
08 SPx Winning Materials Carlos Beltran gu jersey 031/125

Nice! I did not have this one.


As you can see Tim really hooked me up with all kinds of stuff. He hit my Mets, Yankees, several players, Saints, Giants and other stuff I collect.

Next up is a package from Chris OK from Budget Baseball Carding. I hade some 09 Topps Chromes he needed and a Wade Davis he wanted so I sent them with some other stuff I thought he may like and these arrived for me.
4 different Piazza's I didnt have. 2 are transparent and one is sn'd /1000.
Some othe goodies that were in a nice sized group of  Mets and Yanks he hooked me up with.

Finally I have an E-bay score to add.
07 Co-Signers Willie Collazo /500U
UD Finite Kareem Kelly auto 0877/1300
07 Elements Elemental Autographs Sean Henn

Another Willie Collazo for the collection, A Saints auto (Sorry, I forgot the year) and A new Yankee auto for the book.

03 Fleer Avant Aubrey Huff auto 029/300
07 Topps Sterling Jarrod Saltalamacchia auto

These 2 are up for trade.

There you have it for now.  I will be back with more trade stuff later.

Thanks for Reading!


beardy said...

Wow, yous a tradin fool.

SpastikMooss said...

Glad you liked the cards! One name is Tim lol. For some reason everyone always calls me Chris by accident...this is like the 4th time it's happened. I wonder why...

BA Benny said...

Sorry, I must appologize. I don't know why I did that. I even recall looking at the box to check and I still messed it up. I fixed it in the post. Maybe because 2 of the other trades were with guys named Chris.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, those are some nice looking cards, but is it just me or is that Sweet Spot sig kind of faded or something? Maybe it is just the angle, it does look kind of weird though.

Field of Cards said...

Zoinks! That is a lot of trades and a lot of nice cards!

SpastikMooss said...

Haha it's all good.

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