Monday, March 8, 2010

2004 Topps Pristine Pack Break

Hey all. Today I have my first ever pack of  Topps Pristine (2004 edition). Sure I have some cards from this set but never have I ripped a pack myself. I grabbed this one off E-bay to give it a shot. I do know about the pack inside the pack inside the pack thing so that makes 4 wrappers for 8 cards if you count the outside blister too. Here we go.

Layer one, blister pack. Peel it back and get this.

Layer two, the outer wrapper. Peel it back and get this.

An Erick Aybar uncirculated refractor #104 sn'd 748/999 and the middle layer wrapper.

A closer look at the Aybar. And the next layer is.....................

An Alex Rodreguez Key Aquisition game used bat relic #KA-AR and the last layer.

A closer look at the A-Rod bat relic. And the last layer is.................

Merkin Valdez #188 rc (Giants)
Omar Quintanilla # 165 rc (A's) sn'd 137/999
Jeff Kent #94 (Astros)
Kerry Wood #74 (Cubs)
Garret Anderson #32 (Angels)
Brian Giles #83 (Padres)

Over all I was thrilled with the A-rod bat card. It's my first of  him with the Yankees though I do have two jersey relics from his days with the Rangers. The rest of the cards are up for trade as none are Mets, Yankees, or players I collect so let me know if you are interested in any.

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Field of Cards said...

Exciting pack to open. The Arod definitely saved it for ya.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I'd be interested in the Kent. I've gotten a few more yankees since our last deal including an Andy Petite and a Texiera from a pack of this year's Topps Heritage recently. Let me know.

Wickedliquids aka MJ said...

Sick! How much did that pack cost again? i don't recall seeing it - then again, I'm blind so....

beardy said...

Nice break! You did pretty well with the Arod, and for as weak as the '04 rookie class was, you could have done a lot worse than Aybar.

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