Sunday, March 7, 2010

Card(s) Of The Day: I am hoarding these

Hello again Buffet readers. Today I have a Card of the Day post times 14.

2008 Topps Co-Signers Willie Collazo Auto

Willie Collazo had a short lived major league career with the Mets with 6 relief outings during the 2007 season with little success. Other wise a minor league carreer with the Braves drafting him in 2001 then a stint in the Angels farm system from 03-05 before the Mets signed him as a free agent in 2006. After becoming a free agent in 08 the Marlins had him in their minor league system and now in 2010 the Blue Jays have invited him to their spring training.

I am not sure how it happened but I have ended up with 14 of this career minor leagers autograph cards.

Topps must have thought he was going to break out in 08 and had hin sign a bunch of stickers for the Co-Signers series. Next thing you know he is back in the minors not to be heard from again yet I still search out his auto cards. I have four of the base autos, one of the gold sn'd 1/150, two green sn'd /200, three blue sn'd /300, two bronze sn'd /400, and two red sn'd /500 plus one more red on the way from an auction win. I know, yes I have a problem but I can't help myself. I must have all the Willie Collazo cards I can find. Please help me, anybody who has one contact me. I don't want to go on the streets and in the gutter looking for them. I don't discriminate, (is that spelled right?) I'll take any colors and count. I will keep your names secret, nobody has to know you have any. Thank you.
Sorry gang, these are not for trade, they are mine all mine.



Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I actually have a non-auto card of Collazo. Want me to put that aside for you?

dfwbuck2 said...

sounds like what i did in 1989 hoarding a certain Seattle Mariners OF rookie cards....that man? Greg Briley...ouch!

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