Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Card Of The Day: You Make The Call

Back with a Card of the Day. Today I have an Umpire card.

2009 T&M Ken Kaiser #28

I found this card along with 9 others in the set while going through some card boxes. I don't even remember when or where I got them. These cards are pretty interesting and  don't look half bad. I did a little research (and I mean a little) and believe there were 66 cards to the set and the last 9 or so created a puzzle. I have one of those #58. The fronts have nice photos and interestingly enough have the umpires number with his name. I don't see too many player cards with their numbers and I don't know of anybody who has any recall of an umpire's shirt number but now I will remember Mr. Kaisers. The backs are pretty cool as they have the umps personal info including marital status and kids. Then you get his professional stats like years of service and how many post seasons they have worked. The best part I feel is the "You Make The Call" section. In this spot they give you a game situation and a scenario that occurs and you have to figure out the propper call. Luckily they have the answer printed upside down for when you get stuck. Over all a fun card a bit out of the ordinary from the usuall.

The 10 that I have are up for grabs from my freebie box, Just drop me a line.

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