Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Topps Opening Day Box Break

Hello all Buffet readers. Today I have a 2010 Topps Opening Day box break. I always like this nice affordable alternate set to Topps regular release. I don't know what happened last year but they are back this year so I am in again. I have done these since 06 and always enjoy them. This box came with 36 packs with 7 cards per pack. That's less cards then the last set boxes in 08 but I guess they chose less cards as opposed to raising the price. My shop had this box for $29.  Here we go!

Base Set
220 cards. Look identical to regular issue except no foil and the Opening Day logo in the corner. I did like in years past how they would change the border color but I guess they changed that practice this year. There's the new rookie cup logo on the Coghlan card. Check out Nite Owl's  Rookie Cup post. Good stuff there.
 I got 207 of the 220. (94.09%)

Blue Parallel sn'd /2010
Same as the regular set's gold parallel except blue.
I got 9 of these.

Mascot Cards
These are fun additions as an insert set this year. In years past they were part of the regular set so I guess we get 25 more players now that they are numbered seperately.
I got 10 of 25 (40%)

Opening Day Topps Town
Another version the Topps Town cards that some like and some don't. I actually do like them as I think they have improved them each year and at this point they have some player info on them so they are more like an insert set. 
I got 11 of 25 (44%)

Superstar Celebration
These are a new concept as they show a team celebrate a walk off win and the back recounts the specific game.
I got 4 of 10 (40%)

Where'd You Go Bazooka Joe
 A take off of "Where's Waldo" where you have to find Bazooka Joe in the crowd behind the player.
I got 4 of 10 (40%)

Opening Day Topps Attax
These are from the Attax game and look pretty cool. They have refractor qualities without being chrome. I have no idea how the game works but I like these style game cards.
I got 6 of 25 (24%)

I also got 6 of the yellow Attax code cards that are just a waste of time but I guess the kids use them so it's part of the deal.

Overall I am very happy with the box and I think I am going to try to build all the insert sets this year too. I have some base doubles from the loose packs I have bought for trade so if you need any let me know. I will be adding my Opening Day needs to my wanted page shortly if any body can help me out.

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chris OK said...

Is the Wade Davis Blue available for trade?
email me

John said...

Did they include all the players on Topps all-star rookie team.

Field of Cards said...

Looks cool. Pretty nice that the subsets are different from the flagship. Nice price for the box too.

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