Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Topps Opening Day Blaster Break

Welcome back to the Buffet! Tonight we have a serving of 2010 Topps Opening Day blaster style.

I don't usually do blasters because it is generally less cards then if you buy loose packs but this one had 10 packs with 7 cards for 10 dollars (the same as loose packs) plus a bonus pack of Attax cards so I jumped on it.

Lets remove the cover and see what's inside.
Here are a few base cards just in case you forgot what they look like. 2 superstars in Pujols and Longoria and hopefully a breakout season for Murphy.
I got several more for the base set and am down to needing 7 more to knock it out. 7, 51, 82, 95, 108, 124, 194.

Now for the Inserts

Blue Bordered
Wade Davis 0942/2010
Brian McCann 1028/2010
I had a wade blue Davis from my box break a while back and traded it and out pops another one.

2 "Shiny" Attax. Greinke and Markakis

I already have these two so no help here.

ToppsTown Upton 2, Lincecum 24, Teixeira 19, Ichiro 25
2 more of my list.

Superstar Celebrations #1 Braun.
 Where'd You Go Bazooka Joe #8 Chipper.

Needed Superstar but not the Joe.

Mascots Nats, Royals, and Mr. Met.

I needed the Royals and Mr. Met. Still need one more Met for the team collection but is good to get first one.

Sizemore, Buehrle, Rolen, Bay
The bonus pack of Attax. Bay goes into Mets book.

There it is. Not a bad blaster.
Sorry for the boring post but been a long, wet, rainy day at work and much running around after so I tried. 


Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Ah, Mr. Met... I will get one of those at some point this year.

Jeremy said...

I'm hoping to pull a Mr. Met too. Actually, I'm trying for the whole mascot insert set. Opening Day is pretty fun to rip.

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