Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mailbox Happiness Times Two

Hello Buffet readers. I am back with a couple of mailbox goodies from a trade and from an E-bay score. First a few finds on E-bay.

The search for Dwight Gooden yielded this 2004 Donruss Elite Career Best Doc Gooden #CB~12 Game Used Bat sn’d 094/200. I have a few of the parallels from the base set of this card and love the design, colors and refractive qualities of them so when I saw this bat card I had to jump on it. I waited it out and won it for a very reasonable price. The seller had cheap combined shipping so I had to find a few other cards to make it worthwhile, right. Next win is a 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collections Teammate Timelines Quad Jerseys Rios, Halladay, Delgado, and Glaus sn’d 064/500. I like the four swatches but the picture of all four players in Jays uniforms while the card lists their current (at the time) teams is really annoying to me. This is a pet peeve of mine like some people hate sticker autos. For example Delgado is a Mets player as it states on front and back but it shows him in a Jays uniform. I know they used to be teammates but not anymore. What team is the swatch from? I like to think Mets but who really knows. Anyway my pet peeves should be another post another day. The card is pretty nice looking and is a great combo of players.

Next I won a 2009 Ballpark Collection Gary Sheffield sn’d 652/699. There aren’t many Sheffs out there as a Met so this was a cool find. I found this Carlos Beltran 2002 Donruss Studio “Spirit of the Game” Game Worn Hat sn’d 096/100. I love the “odd” relic like a hat, shoe, glove, etc. They should do more of them.

Finally I grabbed these two on the cheap at the end of my bidding list. 2008 Donruss Threads #142 Greg Halman silver rookie sn’d 26/50. 2009 Upper Deck Dan Uggla Game Used Jersey. I figured they are nice cards but I could trade them also.  Not a bad bunch of cards.

Now I have a trade with Justin from Tampa Bay Sports Wasteland. He had a bunch of football cards he was thinning out of his collection so I asked for his Jets, Saints, and Giants (the 3 teams I collect). The Jets were gone but he said the Saints and Giants were mine. Last Saturday a long box appeared in my mailbox, well hanging out of my mailbox since it was too big. I opened it up and a little more than three quarters of it was full of the Saints and Giants cards. Way cool as my football collection is a bit lacking in the base and insert department so this is what the doctor ordered for my Saints and Giants collections. Then there was the rest of the space in the box filled with cards I thought were more football and to my surprise it was Mets stuff. Here are just a few of the highlights of an excellent trade.
First up is a couple of 2003 Topps Gallery

Jose Reyes and Aaron Heilman. These cards look so great in person. I wish the camera did them justice.

Next up a couple of 2009 A & G minis

2 John Maine minis. I figured a duplicate til I flipped them over.

A regular and an A&G back. Nice!

Now we have an oddball and an Invincible

A 1986 Drakes Doc Gooden and a 2000 Invincible Robin Ventura. Gotta love the oddball food product cards. They really take you back to your youth. The Ventura is half transparent with a sky background, pretty neat looking.

Then we have a redemption and bat card.

2008 Topps David Wright Highlights Game Used Bat and 2008 Topps Red Hot Rookies redemption Nick Evens. You can never go wrong with a David Wright card, especially a game used and I really liked the 08 Red Hot Rookies. Being a chrome fan, these really stand out with the orange background.

There are just a few of the highlights from a great trade. Thanks Justin! I look forward to trading again in the future.

Thanks for Reading!


TheBrooklynMet said...

Those are some very nice cards, I especially like the Topps Gallery and the Doc Gooden.

beardy said...

I had JUST dropped that very same Sheffield in the mail to you yesterday.

Oh well!

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey Beardy, I am sure it has a different serial number at the least.

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