Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom Box Break.

I picked up a box of 2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom on my last trip to the card shop last week. I didn't remember hearing too much about this set and only recall that I thought I may want to get some when I read a preview sheet before they came out. The shop had one on sale and I can't resist a bargain box so I grabbed it.
3 hits per box sounds good to me. 20 packs at 12 cards per is not bad either. Off we go!

Base cards. The base set consists of 200 cards (1-200) then 25 rookie cards sn'd to /199 (201-225).
Not bad looking. Enough silver foil on front to be sharp but not too much to take away from the player. A box around the player with team colors is good and the photos are well done. The backs have previous years stats and a "Star For A Day" write up of a specific game where the player excelled again in the team colors box.
I scored 197 of the 200 base (98.5%). I need 101 Granderson, 102 Hafner, and 139 Petitte. Oddly I got none of the rookie cards 201-225. Interestingly some of the card numbers match the player numbers. 5 for David Wright, 6 for Ryan Howard, and 13 for A-rod are 3 i noticed. I have to go through and see if there are any others.

Next the paralells.
Perforated Paralells come one in each pack. Same as base except top and bottom are crinkle cut like french fries. I got 20 of these.

Blue Parallel Sn'd /99.   I got 3 of these
Gold Parallel Sn'd /50.   I got 1 of these
Red Parallel sn'd 1/1.    None for me
I was hoping for a few more of these.


Seasoned Veterans    I got 2

Big Ticket     I got 2

Ticket To Stardom   I got 5 of these

Now the 3 hits!

Michael Young game used jersey with authentic ticket stub 176/224
JJ Hardy dual game used jersey with authentic ticket stub084/228
Ubaldo Jimenez game used jersey auto130/489

I like the look of these but don't know about the ticket stubs They look way to clean to be used but who would want a card with a beer stained wrinkled torn up ticket stub in it. I think I do like them but hold the right to change my mind later on.

Over all I like the set but would like to hear what others have to say as I really haven't seen or heard anybody talk about it in Blogoland.

The relics are up for trade. I would love to get some Mets relics from this set but other stuff could get a deal done.

Thanks for Reading!


stusigpi said...

This set was hated by bloggers. Ugly, over priced and just generally unnecessary. The cost was disproportionate to value or quality of cards in the box. Much like cosigners was a couple years back. Fun set if you get boxes cheap enough.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Yea, to be honest I like the idea of the ticket stubs embedded in the cards and just grabbed a Nate McClouth on COMC, but I am not a huge fan of the base cards' look. That's just me though. The price did seem reasonable.

Field of Cards said...

Interesting box. I opened a few of these packs last week but didn't get much.

I really like the Seasoned Veterans, Big Ticket, and Ticket to Stardom inserts.

The game used/game ticket cards are hit or miss. Some of the tickets make no sense. Like there are tickets from a losing game where the featured player went 0 for 5. I think it would have been super easy/cheap to get tickets that at least featured a decent game by the player on the card. It was a great idea with poor execution.

The base design I don't like. It looks plain with a bar code on top. Very cold.

cynicalbuddha said...

I remember when this came out everybody seemed to hate it, but to be honest I kinda liked it. i picked up a blaster at wally world and got a pujols stub. i wouldn't mind trying to put this set together if boxes were cheap enough. Might be fun to try to put the perforated parallel set together.

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