Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Card Of The Day: Manny's Got To Go!

Today I have a plea for someone out there to offer me a trade for today's Card of the Day. ANY Mets or Yankees please please please. ANY game used for this one. ANY player, ANY one on my list!

2006 Ultra Fine Fabrics Manny Ramirez gu jersey

All kidding aside I just am not a fan of Manny so I would really like to send this to a good home where he will be loved, or at least tolerated. I do give him his due. He is a great hitter and huge threat at the plate, however I just am not a fan of his "hijinks" or the Red Sox for that matter. Make me an offer, please.

Thanks for Reading!

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Anonymous said...

i'll take it off your hands there, benny blanco.

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