Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Do They Have To Do That? Vol.1

    Hello again fans of BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet. Today I begin a feature here on the Buffet called "Why Do They Have To Do That". Basically it will focus on stuff that annoys me in this great hobby that we all love. Volume 1 today addresses the mismatch of a players picture and team name on a card. I have several examples, mostly game used since they were easier for me to find.

Austin Kearns
Reds picture, Nationals name, and what I will guess is a Reds jersey piece. I don't recall the Nats having a pinstripe jersey.

Alfonso Soriano
Rangers picture, Nationals name, and a road jersey piece from what could be either team. This couldn't be a worse picture as the Ranger's "T" on both the helmet and jersey are so pronounced right at the same level as the name "Nationals"

Matt Holliday
Josh Willingham
The Holliday shows him in a Rockies uniform but lists him as a member of the A's while the Willingham has him in a Marlins uniform and listed as a National. I find these extra annoying as they are supposed to be artist renditions, aren't they? You couldn't paint the right uniform? Go figure.

Garret Anderson
Angels uniform, Braves name, and a white swatch which can be either team. Another Goudey mismatched. Why?!?

CC Sabathia
Here we have a CC Sabathia with a Indians uniform next to a Yankee logo. Looks like a posed picture so why couldn't the use a Yankee hat or airbrush the picture. I hate how these look in the team collection since they just don't match.

Andy Pettite
Another SPx with an Astros uniform on a Yankees card. This one is just plain lazy. They couldn't find an old Yankee picture? They probably have hundreds if not thousands in their library over at UD.

Mike Piazza

Here we have a Mets picture on a Padres card. I guess they tried a little picking a picture with catchers equipment but it still pretty obvious that it's a Mets uniform.

Johan Santana
One more from the Mets game used book. Johan in his Twins uniform and a Mets logo right next to him.

     To me, it would seem that there would be a way that isn't too difficult to avoid this situation. In the 70's they airbrushed on a regular basis and they still do, look at Hideki Matsui's 2010 Heritage card. With today's technology this just should not happen. As I have written this post I noticed that all these cards came from Upper Deck products. I didn't try to do that and I don't know if Topps has more or less instances of this. I have to check that out for a future post.

The non Mets and Yankees are available for trade if anybody is interested.

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Paul said...

I believe the relic mismatches are caused by arcane licensing rules, but what do I know?

Obviously the card companies don't want to waste money by throwing out unused fabric scraps, but I'm not counting a Johan Santana Twins card as a Mets card just because you slap a Mets logo on it, Upper Deck.

darkship said...

It gets annoying to all of us. Here is an example of an autograph that I have in my collection that looks like it should belong in yours!

Play at the Plate said...

I'm with you on this one.

night owl said...

Yes, Upper Deck is the chief violator here. I'm sure Topps has done it, but it is way noticable in UD stuff.

Peterson said...

I have the Piazza from a group break, only I have the extra-offensive BLACK jersey swatch. Yet if it werent for that padres logo, I would have come away with zero hit...funny

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