Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantasy Football players wanted

Just a reminder that I have started a Fantasy Football league for fellow card traders out there.  Some have joined and there is room for more. Here again is the post with the details. Back later with a card related post.

    Hey all. I would like to have a Fantasy Football league with you great bloggers out there. I have set up a league on ESPNdotcom so if you are interested you can set up a free fantasy account over there, it takes only a minute. Anybody interested send me an email address and I will shoot you an invite. I figure we can make the prize/entry fee card related so the winner gets something and we all stay interested for the whole season. You choose what you want to "donate" for the prize. I am thinking the draft can be around the Friday before opening day but once we fill it up we can see what works best for all teams.

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AdamE said...

I'll do it. Please send me an invite. ajpca07 at hotmail dot com.

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