Thursday, August 26, 2010

Error Card Fun

     Hey all. Today I present some error cards for your entertainment.. To me error cards are like the bloopers of baseball cards.

This one looks good in the mirror.

Here is a baby faced John Smoltz Tom Glavine on Smoltz's card. I guess an easy mistake over at Donruss, 2 pitchers on the same team and all.

Let's Play a game. Which one is the real Al Leiter? (answer at the bottom)

All the info is correct on this one but the sheet cutter over at Fleer was a bit out of whack when this one came through.

There you go, just a little fun for today's post.

The Pack Rip Cafe features a 2006 Fleer pack today. No errors in that one, check it out.

   Answer: The card on the right is Al Leiter. The other one is minor leaguer Steve George who never made it past AAA Columbus. I got his name from the 88 Topps blog. Thanks.

thanks For reading

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82Redbirds said...

I had an '89 Topps Ryne Sandberg error card. It had Brad Havens on the back of it. I traded it for a Bruce Sutter gu jersey card to a big Cubs fan just recently. I'm really diggin' your Smoltz/Glavine card! That cracks me up!

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