Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Part 4 (Finale) Check Out My Cards Score! Game Used

Hey again all. Today I complete the series of posts covering the 46 card purchase I made from  Check Out My Cards dot com. This final part will show the nine NY Mets game used cards I grabbed.

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes
John Maine Gray Sn'd 116/125 Game Used Jersey
Billy Wagner Light Blue Sn'd 180/200 Game Used Jersey
Carlos Beltran Blue Sn'd 35/50 Game Used Jersey

As I have stated before on various posts, I really Like this set and these are no exception. I have another Maine parallel jersey for this one to go with, the Wagner also has another parallel to join in my collection (a green auto/jersey sn'd /5), and the Beltran is new to me from this set.

2006 Allen & Ginter Carlos Beltran Game Used Jersey
2004 Donruss Studio Players Collection Black Roberto Alomar Game Used Jersey
2004 Donruss Studio Players Collection Red Tom Glavine Sn'd 122/150 Game Used Jersey

Another Beltran to go into the collection. Another set I have come to like is the game used Players Collection inserts from 04 Studio. Glavine and Alomar are nice additions.

Richard Hidalgo
2004 Bowman Sterling Refractor Game Used Bat Sn'd 114/199
2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Dual Game Used Bats (red foil) Sn'd 059/100
2005 Fleer Ultra Game Used Jersey Gold Sn'd 28/99

Richard Hidalgo has become another player I have begun hoarding when it comes to the Bowman Sterling and Diamond Kings game used cards. Similar to the Willie Collazo Co-Signers autos I have been scoffing up, I can't get enough of these two particular Hidalgo bat cards. I now have 6 of the Sterling Refractors /199 (and 1 non refractor) and 6 of the Diamond Kings bat cards of various foils and sn runs. If anybody has either of these, lets make a deal. The Ultra is a real nice looking card too.

Well there it is, the end of the lot of my first COMC score and it was a fun one. I have added some sweet cards to my collection and look forward to going another round over there when funds permit.

Thanks for checking it out and take a stroll over to BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe for a pack of 2000 Topps Gallery today and if you haven't been there before, become a follower and check out the other posts of a variety of packs I have ripped over there.

Thanks for Reading!

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SpastikMooss said...

Very cool stuff, I especially like the Robbie and the Hidalgoes! COMC posts are fun, as people always get stuff they love since they see it before they buy it.

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