Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Overdue Trade Post. Some Great Stuff From Peterson!

Hello again Buffet readers. I am back today with a trade post, which is something I haven't done in a while. I must apologize for my falling so far behind on these but life, work, and family has taken most of my time lately and when I do have time to post it has been the flavor of the moment so the pile of cards from trades waiting to be posted has grown to quite the mountain on my desk. Anyway here is one from a trade I did back in late June with Peterson, aka Time Loves A Hero of the Sign Here and Here spot out in Blogoland. If I remember correctly he had some inserts I needed for the 2010 Topps and the trade grew into Mets for some autos I had for him (on card only for him). Here are just a few of the goodies he sent in an awesome package.

An oddball Hernandez, a die cut Reyes, a Piazza parallel, and a Grote reprint.

Some excellent shiny refractive gems of Beltran, Smith, Trachsel, and Martinez. Pedro is sn'd too.

More Serial numbered beauties. Fortunato /99, Concepcion /99, Lindstrom /50, Reyes /2006, and Carter /250.

The big guns. Joe Smith auto, Gary Carter game used jersey, and Mike Piazza game used jersey. I have over 100 Piazza game used cards but I didn't have this one which makes even more awesomeness.

There was more great cards with these but I chose these to show off. Thanks for the great package Chris even if it took me this long.

I will try to get more trade posts up as I can so hang on if we made a trade I haven't posted yet. Check out the Pack Rip Cafe for my first non-baseball post over there.

Thanks for Reading!


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