Saturday, April 30, 2011

Upper Deck Hooks Me Up but Is It Fair? Some LCS Scores Too.

  Hello all, Today I have a huge score from Upper Deck but it poses the question of how can I get so lucky. Some months back I picked up the 2008 Upper Deck Yankee Stadium Legacy 100 card (blue) box set (sealed new) at my LCS for a nice price on clearance. When I busted it and put it in the binder it turned out that a card was missing from the factory. This Donnie Baseball was the lost card.

       I in turn called Upper Deck to inquire about a replacement of the missing card and customer service was very helpful but due to the amount of time since the set release they didn't have any of the card I needed left. The rep then said that for my trouble and lack of replacement, he would send me an auto or something to make up for it. I was very happy to accept there offer since I knew I could find the card I needed somewhere else on the cheap and they did the best they could under the circumstance. After some time passed (the customary 6 to 8 weeks I believe) I had gotten a redemption I submitted a little bit before I made this request so I called back and it turned out that they had lost my request information but once again they were nice and helpful and set up another replacement request for me. After another month or two I received a padded mailer from Carlsbad, CA, the same place I sent my UPC so my replacement was here. When I opened it I fully expected some scrub auto or paralell and was just hoping it would be a card that fit into one of my collections or at worst case be something I could at least trade for something that fit into my collection. Well upon opening the mailer this little card fell out into my hand..................
     Holy crap!!!! A Jeter jersey card!!!

Wait, a Jeter Patch card!!!!!!!!!

    Wait, a serial number of 25/25 !!!!!!
Wow, now I couldn't be happier with what they sent me and here in NYC this card could fetch a pretty penny, not that I would sell it. After the initial elation and I started thinking about it I began to wonder if it is fair of Upper Deck to have this card available to send me. Was it an upgrade since they screwed up my initial replacement request? Shouldn't it have been sent out in one of 25 packs that deserved this card or at the least shouldn't it be held a s a replacement if one of the other 24 got damaged? Again I am totally stoked to get this card and certainly won't be returning it for any reason what so ever but it makes me wonder a little bit about what other awesome cards they may have sitting in their warehouse that some deserving collector out there will never have a shot at. Let's hear your opinions on this. I also would love any information on what patch this piece could have come from, I don't ever recall any patch the Yankees wore with red unless it's from a certain World Series or All-Star game and at this time I am to busy due to a fundraiser I am working for tonight to look for the info on it.

  I also have a couple of quick scores from a recent trip to the other LCS by me to represent the Mets portion of this post. These 2 came from the bargain box at 2 for $5.
Phil Seibel auto
Grant Roberts auto

    He cut me a nice deal on these since he didn't have #1 for me.
1974 Topps #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Hank Aaron's
   I still need #1 and his league leader card #332 to complete the 1974 Hank page in my binder.

    On another 1974 note, check out The Pack Rip Cafe for a pack from 74 Fleer Real Cloth Basketball Patches.

   Don't forget to jump in Cards From The Quarry's group break HERE. Johnny has some great stuff to bust and there are still good teams left so head on over.

   That's all I got for now folks. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!


Paul said...

I imagine the Jeter card was originally being held as a replacement for a potentially damaged card. At this point, I think Upper Deck is just trying to get rid of their remaining baseball card stock.

Colbey said...

Wow...that is freakin' awesome! Congrats.

carlsonjok said...

As far as I am concerned, #1 is the best card in the 1974 set. I had that card as a kid, and finally bit the bullet and got it a few weeks ago. I've been working on 74 since late last year, and I have only one card to go to finish it.

unclemoe said...



Derek said...

Could it be from one of his Team USA world baseball classic jerseys?

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