Monday, April 18, 2011

Trade Post: Cards From A Quarry Hit The Big City!

    Hey all. Today I have a great trade with Johnny (aka hiflew) form over at Cards From The Quarry to share with you. Johnny is a great trading partner and has a fun blog over there so it's always a pleasure to hook up with him for a trade. Here is just some of the treats that came in the package.

   First some early 90's Topps Mets and Yankees golds. I love the baby face Jeter on the prospects card.

    A few golds from my players list and some 2007 inserts ala Yankees. I have several of the Joe D. streak cards now so maybe I will chase that set.

    A bunch of Goudey minis. Some red backs, some green backs, some of both.

      Mickey Mantle in the house! The three 2006 Mantle Collection inserts bring me to nine of the ten in the set. I just need the 2004 version #MM2004 to complete it.

     A gold, a couple of X-Fractors and a Heritage advertising panel with a Yank and a Met on each end  looks great.

   A David Wright Chicle chrome refractor and my first Reggie Yankee relic (I have one from the A's and one from the Angels) are awesome looking scores. There is a pinstripe tucked under the left side of the Icons window, why couldn't they just move it over 1/8th of an inch. Still looks sweet though.

       These two surprises popped out when I opened the mailer. Gary Carter and Donnie Baseball SLU's. While I don't actively collect these, Johnny is the third blogger to surprise me with these and they will look great next to the others on a shelf in my card room.
   There you have it, just some of my favorites from a great package from The Quarry. If you haven't checked out his spot out in Blogoland, head on over as you won't be disappointed. Thanks for the great cards Johnny!

    That's it for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people!


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