Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Pack Rip and an LCS Score

   Hello all. Today I jump in on the Gypsy Queen craze that is the talk of the town so to speak.

 my job the other day had me working on the block right behind my LCS so I had to stop in and see what was new and exciting. Some great new stuff in the bargain box was a nice surprise and they had gotten in their Gypsy Queen boxes so I had to grab a couple of packs. At 8$ per or 2 for $15 I was a little hesitant but I figured why not. I don't see myself buying much at that price so I will probably only be chasing Mets, Yankees and a few other players. The owner had just finished a box so these came out of a brand new box he opened in front of me. The mini pack didn't have anything too crazy but they look good anyway. I grabbed the first 2 packs on the right hand stack and left with the hope of some good cards.  I will show one pack here and I have one pack over on BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe. This is the second one I opened so that makes the Cafe's the first. Let's see which one was better.

   A Mariano and Jackie Robinson make a good start.

    Some decent players but not the cream of the checklist.

 A Votto bronze /999 is a nice score.

 I like the colored border on the inserts and an Angel Pagan  Gypsy Queen backed mini is very cool.

 Here are the backs on the parallels.

   Over all, not a bad pack. I love the feel and the artwork to these cards. The price will keep me from chasing the set so all the cards except the mini and The Mariano are for trade. Check out the other pack over on the Pack Rip Cafe and see which pack was better. While I was at the shop the owner handed me a pile of Topps tribute he just busted and hadn't even gotten them into the case yet but he gave me first crack at them. There were some sweet cards there and some were pretty pricey but he gave me a nice deal on this one so I jumped on it.

Topps Tribute Dave Winfield triple jersey /99

  I love that it's of him as a Yankee, it's funny how my luck lately has been in scoring great Yankee cards more often then Mets but that's OK, it will turn at some point and my Yankee collection is just that much better anyway.

  That's all I got for now. Look for more trade posts, other stuff I collect posts, some group break scores posts, and whatever else I can think of posts in the future. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people!

Thanks for Reading!

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Love that Winfield.

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