Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Continue To Clear the Mountain of Trade Packages With Some SCF Trades.

   Hello again all. Not a lot of time today so I will knock out 5 trades I made over on SCF ( over the last few months in a quick mostly pictures post. First I have some loot from a trader named Ryan. He had some Mets stuff I wanted and I sent him some Ginter stuff he wanted so we both came away happy.

I've been looking for that 1970 team card for some time. He also included 7 cards from my Topps insert sets that I needed.

Next up is a one for one trade. I sent a relic trader Jay needed and I got this 2011 Cano jersey.
 I like the 2011 Topps relics but this would look better with a home jersey swatch.

   I had a Gordon Beckham letter patch auto from one of Too Many Granderson's Epic 2008 Razor Letterman case breaks that I was willing to part with and when I didn't get any real interest on The Buffet post I figured I would post it on SCF. I originally wanted some premium Mets for it but a trader named Sazzy C emailed me saying his son was I huge Beckham fan and he really really wanted the card. He said he had some Yankees since he didn't have any Mets to speak of and since it was for a kid (we have to keep the kids in the hobby) I told him to make me an offer. well an offer he did make and I could not say no. I added a few other Beckham's I had and a few White Sox and this was my haul.

   Jeters are so hard to get here without selling a kidney and I am a huge Guidry fan from watching him back in the 70's as a kid with my father who was a big Yankees fan. The Rizzuto is awesome with a stadium seat that looks like it is from his playing days, it's so old and dry.  Pepitone was a favorite of my Dads too so it's special for me to get a jersey card from him.

    Another trader named Wayne posted about some Jimmy Dean cards he had so I contacted him and we set up a deal. He sent me 2 of these 9 card sets (one is for trade if anybody is interested) as well as a load of 80's and 90's football stuff from the Jets, Saints, and Giants.

   I love the oddball small sets like this one. I think they all should be in increments of 9 like this one. (9, 18, 27, etc.) They work so well in the binder pages. This years Topps inserts with 10 in the set are making me crazy. I hate when there is one card extra for the pages.

     The last trade I have is from a great guy named Arnie. He and I had made several trades in the past before I discovered the world of Blogoland and all you great folks out there. I did all my trading on SCF at that point where as now it's only once in a while. He needed some 2011 Topps cards I had and I had a few relics and golds he liked so we knocked out a deal and Mets were had by me.
  First the ink....

   ....and the cloth.....

    There it is, five more mailers down so that leaves me around seven Blogoland trades left on the pile. Those will get more individual attention. I am looking forward to getting caught up so I can vary my postings so they will be a little more interesting but I gotta show the love to all the great traders out there.

  On another note, As I wrote this post I received an e-mail from Topps saying that my MCG cards shipped today so I hope to have them posted next week some time.

    That's going to do it for today. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams gang!

Thanks for Reading!


dawgbones said...

Nice cards there Benny... and the USA relic is going in your trade box slot tomorrow. Have a GReat night!

hiflew said...

I am not a huge fan of breaking up sets, but if no one wants the Jimmy Dean as a set I would love to trade for the two Rox. I am assuming they are from 94 or 95, but I missed them on my master Rox list.

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