Sunday, April 24, 2011

Triple Trade Post From Bones, Hopeful, and a Tomahawk!

  Hello all, I continue the catch up mode here on The Buffet with a trade post times 3.
First up are some goodies from Mr Dawgbones.

    Some Mets lead off the package.

    Anybody who reads the Dawgbones musings knows he collects FatHeads and I was lucky enough to get one of his Wright doubles.

    Here it is pictured next to a mini bip he slipped into the mailer to show the size. It's bad enough to bip but to bip a Mets fan with Marlins is just a little bit cruel. Only Braves (and maybe Phillies) could be worse. I will seek revenge at some point Bones.

    Here is the gem of the package for me. A Martin 2 color /50 is sweet. He is one of my favorite RB's in Jets history. Thanks a bunch Rich, your return treats are in transit as I write this.

   Next up are some products of a trade bait post from Derek over at Tomahawk Chopping. He had some time on a rainy day to put up some traders and I found a few that I am stoked to add to the collection.
    A couple of shiny Yankees.

    Ike looks good in Opening Day blue /2011. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite current Mets.

    A strong part of the Giants secondary signed this sticker for me.

    I like the starquest variations so these three get an A+. A rare, an ultra rare, and an uncommon.

    A Billy Wagner gray swatch jersey will look nice next to the black swatch I have from the same 09 UD set. A pleasure as always trading with Derek. It's always great to see a Braves fan and a Mets fan get along so well to create fun trades.

    These next 2 cards are from Justin G of The Hopeful Chase fame. He's an O's fan who needed to purge these hated Yankees cards from his house.
    This Jeter is really cool. The image on the right is actually made up of pin holes in the card. Here it is on a white background .......

    and a yellow-orange background.

   I am not a huge Shef fan but this one is a great looking card with the flag background. Thanks Justin, any time you need to rid yourself of Yankees, I will step up and help an O's fan in need.

  I have been catching up with my blog related stuff as things around here have been extra crazy as of late due to work and family issues. I have mailed out most of the break packages and have the last six teams packed and ready to go out this week so everybody should have there cards by next weekend if you haven't received them yet. I am also trying to catch up on trades with fellow bloggers out there so if we talked about a trade please be patient as I haven't forgotten about it and will get back to you soon.

    That's all I have for now.Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people.

PS- As I write this, the Mets are on their way to winning their fourth in a row.


Thanks for Reading!


Spiegel83 said...

I have heard the term Bipping or getting Bipped. I thought that it involved Bip Roberts. What is the definition of a Bipping?

dawgbones said...

Oh, I can't believe you put me in the same post as a Braves trade!! That one hurts!! LOL

Glad you liked your package.

Spiegel, Bipping began with Mr. Roberts but has progressed, as evidenced here, and here:

Sorry Benny, couldn't resist...

The Big Kahuna said... curtis martin card is getting some miles to it! LOL!!!

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