Monday, April 11, 2011

Trade Post Double Header

   Hello all. Sorry for the lack of posts but things are once again very busy around The Buffet as my daughters softball season is in full swing so I am out and about several nights a week and a good chunk of the weekend. Once again I apologize and ask for patience from all those I am in trade talks with, I haven't forgotten but time is at a premium but I will get back you. I am also working on getting the break packages out as well. On to a trade post double dip I have for you today.
   I begin with a trade with Chris over at Stale Gum. He posted a 2011 Jumbo box break video and the cool part was that he did it from the original Topps warehouse in Brooklyn, NY not too far from where I live. (I gotta go check it out sometime) Anyway, one of the hits caught my eye so an e-mail and some digging led to a trade. My end of the deal netted me a bunch of 2011 and 2010 Topps inserts (which I still need a ton of, list HERE) and this Beltran bat relic.

    Looks pretty good too, the Topps 60 relics are nice if the relic piece is bright in color. He also added in some bonus cards.
    The 75 set still is one of my favorites. Also in the package was this auto......

    The sticker threw me for a second but then the back explains it all.

     That's great, and a 1/1 to boot. Thanks Chris, I appreciate the trade.

    Next we move to a package from Ryan of '"O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog. He had some trade bait posted so inquire I did. He was also busting some Goudey and set aside some YSL's for me.

     He also helped me with some 2011 needs (we have all seen them so I didn't show them) and the Dawson is a 60 Years of Topps original back for the player collection. The meat of the trade were these two gems.

   The Humber auto /500 is on card and looks great. I love how he went a little outside the designated signing area, it adds character. The Dontrelle is sn'd /53. Thanks for another sweet trade Ryan, pleasure as always to work a deal with you.

    Head on over to The Pack Rip Cafe where I go with an early form of Finest. Don't forget to follow if you aren't already, The Cafe needs love too.

That's all for now. Keep rocking your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!


dawgbones said...

That auto is schweet, and too frickin hilarious!!! I LOVE IT!!!

dawgbones said...

The first auto in this post, that is!!

Anonymous said...

Good pickups.

(...Joe) said...

I always get yelled at by the bank whenever my sig goes below that line on the back of a check. Life, man. haha

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