Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Topps MCG Cards Have Arrived!

  Back again all with my haul from the Topps Million Card Giveaway that finally arrived a few days ago. I, like many others waited until the last week to request my cards so it took a bit longer to receive the cards. As you will seeI used the giveaway to add to my team card collection and seriously pursue the 1972 team cards set. I ended up having 35 cards sent.
   First up, the few non team cards....

   The Dan Napoleon has three creases and the Dennis Ribant is a little beat up with some stains on the front. The others are in real good shape. I cant believe I needed that Piazza but I did.

   Now we begin the team cards....
   The O's has a light crease, otherwise all in good shape except for some off centering.

   These are in very good shape so no complaints here.

   The 74's look great, the 66 Mets has some creases and soft corners to go with general wear while the 64 Mets has one crease and a large stain but for their age I guess I can't complain. The 64 Senators looks great for a 45 year old card.

Now begins the 1972 team card quest.

   These all look great except for a gum stain on the Angels and a couple off centers. With these and what I have it brings me to 16 of the 24 I need. I am still looking for the Indians, Expos, Royals, Reds, Rangers, Cardinals, Orioles, and Giants if anybody can help.
   Over all I am happy with my score from the Million Card Giveaway with the exception of a few of the card conditions and I am glad to add some not so easy to find cards to the collection.

That sums it up for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!

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Matt Pederson said...

Good to see people getting their cards in the mail. Hopefully mine will some in soon.

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