Friday, April 1, 2011

He Said Have A Seat, So I Did.

     Hello all. Today I continue to catch up on trade posts with a package I got from Mike over at Ryan's Memorabilia. He posted some trade bait a while back and I had some Ravens and O's he liked so a trade was born. He had a Griffey framed Masterpieces I liked so he sent it along with a couple of his friends.

    Beltran and Mattingly joined Mr. Griffey Jr.

    Another dozen or so Mets and Yankees jumped in when he wasn't looking. Here are about half of them.


Mike even hit me with some Giants too.
   The Y.A. is an awesome card if you ask me.

   The gem of the package was a stadium seat card he offered.
   A Memorial Stadium seat relic featuring a legend like Frank Robinson is too cool!

    A great trade with a great blogger makes for a great package. Thanks Mike, I hope to trade again sometime.

    On another note, I have finally resumed posting on BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe  after a bit of a hiatus so go on over and check it out. For those newer readers here, I have another spot where I rip random packs and rate them. I really would love to get some more followers over there so show The Cafe some love and jump on board.

    Don't forget, The New York Metropolitan's begin there march to the 2011 playoffs tonight down in Miami where they will mash the Marlins

That's all I have for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Let's Go Mets!

Thanks for Reading!

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Don WickedOrtega said...

lol smash the Marlins.... We opened a can of whoop ass on the Mets last night. And the best part i saw it live brother!!

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