Monday, May 10, 2010

Cards On Steroids???

Hello again Buffet fans. Today I have some over sized cards from the 1984 Donruss Champions series. These cards measure 3 1/2 by 5 inches and were duplicates of the standard size set.

Here is #10 of Carl Yastrzemski next to a standard sized Doc Gooden card.

Here are two #20 Rogers Hornsby, front and back. Hornsby was a "Grand Champion" card and were Dick Perez drawn pictures. The backs had nice write ups on the players as opposed to stats on the back. Each "regular" card has a comparison to one of the Grand Champions in the set. There are 60 cards total with 10 of them being Grand Champions.

The Robin Yount #47 has a write up comparing him to Frank Robinson and the Don Sutton #41 matches him up with Walter Johnson. The Yastrzemski is grouped with Hank Aaron.

Here is the checklist.

1 Babe Ruth Grand Champion

2 George Foster
3 Dave Kingman
4 Jim Rice
5 Gorman Thomas
6 Ben Oglivie
7 Jeff Burroughs
8 Hank Aaron Grand Champion
9 Reggie Jackson
10 Carl Yastrzemski
11 Mike Schmidt
12 Graig Nettles
13 Greg Luzinski
14 Ted Williams Grand Champion
15 George Brett
16 Wade Boggs
17 Hal McRae
18 Bill Buckner
19 Eddie Murray
20 Rogers Hornsby Grand Champion
21 Rod Carew
22 Bill Madlock
23 Lonnie Smith
24 Cecil Cooper
25 Ken Griffey
26 Ty Cobb Grand Champion
27 Pete Rose
28 Rusty Staub
29 Tony Perez
30 Al Oliver
31 Cy Young Grand Champion
32 Gaylord Perry
33 Fergie Jenkins
34 Phil Niekro
35 Jim Palmer
36 Tommy John
37 Walter Johnson Grand Champion
38 Steve Carlton
39 Nolan Ryan
40 Tom Seaver
41 Don Sutton
42 Bert Blyleven
43 Frank Robinson Grand Champion
44 Joe Morgan
45 Rollie Fingers
46 Keith Hernandez
47 Robin Yount
48 Cal Ripken, Jr.
49 Dale Murphy
50 Mickey Mantle Grand Champion
51 Johnny Bench
52 Carlton Fisk
53 Tug McGraw
54 Paul Molitor
55 Carl Hubbell Grand Champion
56 Steve Garvey
57 Dave Parker
58 Gary Carter
59 Fred Lynn
60 Checklist

I am considering trying to put this oversize set together so if anybody has any let me know. I have dupes on the Yount and Hornsby if anybody wants them.
On a side note, I will be giving away some Strat-O-Matic games in the near future as I have hooked up with Jay over at Stratomatic games and he is sending me some games to give away to some of my readers. Steve over at White Sox Cards has done the same so if you didn't win any there you will have a chance here when the games are delivered to me here at The Buffet. You can click on the link at the top or bottom of the blog page to get info on the games. I will be getting the baseball versions.

Thanks for Reading!

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Matthew Glidden said...

Ah, one of the sets from my youth! They put those in big cello packs of about 5 cards each and it was the first "old-and-new" mixed set I remember that really spoke to me. Nice job with the pantings and a decent checklist for the time. (OK, I mostly cared about Steve Garvey.) Thanks for adding this to your rotation.

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