Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And The Winners Are..............................................................................

 The winners of BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet's first contest are in!

     Hello all. I am glad to announce the winners of my first contest here at The Buffet. First I must thank the eight entrants for their participation and word lists. I certainly found out in a hurry that I probably had too many letters as the word lists were quite lengthy. We all know that this was a random winner as selected from but bragging rights were still on the line for the longest list and it seemed to turn into who could last the longest as many commented that they ran out of gas compiling the lists. (I did too) The honor of the longest list and most points is The Brooklyn Met (Jason). Way to go. Brian from In the Ballpark was a close second as those two paced the rest of the field with almost double the points of third on back. Brian of Play at the Plate gets Honorable Mention for best organized list and most bonus points. There will be a little extra in your package Brooklyn Met.
      Now for the winners and the loot. Here are the shots from I mixed it up 3 times as that seems to be the most popular way to go.

The list of Names

Shake them up once!
And Two Times!

Three Times, Here is the order of the winners!

      Since the turnout was not very large I have decided that all entrants win something. That's right, you all are winners!  Play at the Plate is the Grand winner and will choose 3 letter cards from the list plus some cards from a team or teams of your choice. Everyone else will get one letter card and some from team or teams of choice. What I would like is for all eight winners to send me an e-mail with the following:
Name, address, team or teams of choice for extra cards (I have some football too if anybody wants some), and a list of preference for all 10 letter cards and I will give you the highest one left when your turn comes up. I realize some of these cards may not set any records for popularity but if you end up with something you don't want you can always trade it off for something else. Even if we have traded before send all info as this will just make things much easier for me to organize.
      Now for the letter cards to choose from.

From left to right.
"N" 2009 Topps College Letter Patch Auto Gartrell Johnson sn'd 037/135 (Colorado State)
"S" 2008 Razor Letterman Auto Jemile Weeks (Oakland)
"O" 2008 Razor Letterman Auto Robbie Ross (Texas)
"F" 2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Sig. Auto Chris Duffy sn'd 36/75 (Pirates)
"L" 2009 Topps NFL Letter (Tampa Bay) no auto, minor dent on back
"U" 2009 Topps Finest Auto Kila Ka'aihue sn'd 23/75 refractor (Royals)
"E" 2009 Upper Deck Icons Lettermen James Shields sn'd 25/35 (Rays) no auto
"F" 2008 Razor Letterman Auto Logan Forsythe (San Diego)
"L" 2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Rookie Sig. Auto Andy Gonzalez sn'd 34/50 (White Sox)
"I" 2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Rookie Sig. Auto Chris Stewart sn'd 65/75 (Rangers)

    Send me those e-mails winners and I look forward to doing another contest down the road.

Thanks for Reading!


Play at the Plate said...

I'll send an email later tonight. Thanks!!

Roy said...

Instead of taking a picture of your monitor, you can hit the PrtSc SysRq key on your keyboard.

Then load MSPaint and hit Ctrl+V, and you can save the image to a file.

Just a suggestion.

SpastikMooss said...

Or just apple+shift+4 on macs. Screen shots rule!

But awesome, I love winning stuff! I will send you my picks right now!

BA Benny said...

Thanks for the tips, I will try them next time.

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Thank again for the contest---that was awesome!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Aw man, I totally forgot to enter! My fault. I hope to get in on your contest next time.
Thanks for putting together such a cool concept though!

TheBrooklynMet said...

Great contest, one I am glad to have bragging rights for!

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