Monday, May 17, 2010

A Well Stitched Package Fom a Guy With A Sewing Machine

I came home the other day to find a package in my mailbox. While that is not a strange thing here at the Buffet, I was not really expecting anything as I have not done too much in the way of trading lately and have taken a break from E-Bay til I can replenish some funds in the "fun time" account. The return address was from "Family Sewing". Now I think of Blogoland and The Sewing Machine Guy but don't recall a trade with him. Next thought is damn, did I forget to send something out. I can be forgetful at times so it isn't a great stretch that I would forget a trade. Well I might as well open it and see what's inside. A nice bundle of cards with a note wrapped around them. "Thanks for the 206's and Tigers cards, hope you like these." Now the bell goes off! I had read a post of his about his 206 want list and had afew he needed so I just sent them along with some Tigers cards that looked sad and in need of a good home. I forgot all about it so this thank you package was a total surprise. Look what was inside.

Santana, Wright, and Reyes! All Sn'd! Nice! You can never go wrong with sn'd Mets cards in my book.

Then he started hittin some of my non Mets player collection.
A mini Ichiro. I dont do the Ginter type sets so I don't get a lot of minis and this is my first Ichiro mini. Next is what I can now say is the oldest Johnny Bench I have (1971) and a way cool 74 Stargell.

Some neat oddballs of Gwynn, Ripken, and Schmidt. I love when I can find these complete oddball sets. Usually 30-40 cards or so.

A few more HOF'ers to add. Carter, Brett, and Palmer. There was also a Dave Parker and Andre Dawson not pictured.

The coolest part of this surprise package was that I needed all but one (Dawson) of these cards for my player collection. For some like Stargell, Palmer, and Ichiro it is not a big surprise as I only have a page or two of them but for others like Carter, Ripken, Gwynn, and Schmidt it was a huge score as I have a bunch of there cards but still needed These.

Larry also left his calling card.

Nice Touch!

Thanks a whole lot Sewing Dude. I will surely find some more homeless Tigers for you to adopt.

Thanks for Reading!


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