Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Contest Time!!!

      Hello again all Buffet readers. BA Benny's Buffet is proud to present its first contest, after a couple of teaser posts I have finally decided to pull the trigger. I have seen and entered several contests in my short time here in Blogoland and even won one and placed in another so I figured why not try to host my own.
     My idea is to have a Scrabble/Word Jumble type of contest. Below you will see 29 letter patch cards (some are autos too) in alphabetical order. Very simply make as many different words as you can out of them. This is also a chance to show off my Letter patch collection.
A few rules too follow.

  •      All entrants must be followers of BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet so please join on the side if you are not already a follower. (Yes I am shameless and want to add followers)
  •      Only one entry per person so take your time and write them all down and make sure before you send your entry.
  •       All words must be at least three letters. Plurals will be counted as their own words. Example ~ "card" and "cards" would be 2 different words. I figure this will help build up the points a little bit.
  •      Each letter/card can be used once per word. If a letter appears more than once on the list you can of course use it.
  •      Names of people or places will not be allowed. The only names allowed are professional team names from any professional league. 
  •      Scoring will be as follows:
Regular word = 1 point
Baseball related word = 2 points
Any other sports related word = 1.5 points
  •     Prizes will be determined by the number of entries. (I stole this from The Collective Trolls contest a little while back.) More info below the pictures.
  • Contest begins now and will end Tuseday, May 4 at 6pm New York time.
Now on to the letters!

There you go. The letters are:
 A, D, D, E, E, E, E, E, F, F, H, I, J, L, L, L, M, N, N, N, N, O, S, R, S, S, T, T, U.

Yes I know the second "D" isn't really a letter patch but I put it in because I think it will add more words to your lists.
Winners will be picked via Random.org. I will also send a little something to the highest point score as long as the entry isn't computer assisted. In other words, no cheating.
Prizes will be as follows:
        Cards come from the 10 pictured below. (I will give more details on the prize cards when it comes time for the winners to pick. Also all of the winners can give me their favorite teams from baseball and football and I will add some cards from my collection as well.

  • 1-19 entries ~ One winner,  3 Cards + others

  • 20 - 29 entries ~ First place 3 cards + others, Second place 1 card + others.

  • 30 - 39 entries ~ First place 4 cards + others, Second place 2 cards + others.

  • 40 - 49 entries ~ First place  4 cards + others, Second place 3 cards + others, Third place 1 card + others

  • 50 or more entries ~ First place 5 cards + others, Second place 3 cards + others, Third place 2 card + others
To enter, send me an e-mail AND leave a comment that you are entered. I will random from the comment list and will number the entries in the order they are posted. (NO Word lists in comments please) In the email please include your name, blog name, word list and any other info you think I should know. When you send your list please leave a definition or short description on any words you think may cause any confusion. (I get confused pretty easily sometimes. ha ha). Note the league on any pro team names you may come up with as I don't follow every one like the WNBA, MLS, etc.

Prize Cards


Please spread the word and add me to your blog rolls. The more the merrier. Hope you all have fun and enjoy the Buffet's first contest.


Thanks for Reading!



the sewingmachineguy said...

Great contest. I just sent an e-mail with my word list.

SpastikMooss said...

I am so in...even though I am so drunk lol

Captain Canuck said...


Play at the Plate said...

In...sending an email!

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I am sending an email.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Cool contest, I will put together my list this weekend.

Rod said...

sent the list by email. thanks it was a lot of fun

Carl Crawford Cards said...

I'm on it!

The Gooch said...

Email sent. Thanks for the contest.

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