Monday, August 27, 2012


   Hello all. Today I am trying something new here on  The Buffet. I will be having auction style trade posts calling it Benny-Bay. (If you have a better name let me know) Here is how it will work:
   I will put up a card or cards for trade and you can bid on them with cards of your own to trade. After a predetermined time I will accept the "best" offer and the cards go to the winner. Now book value does not have to be a factor, it's the offer I like best that will win. Obviously you know what I like so those types of offers will carry more weight. While I am not looking for money as offers but I would certainly have to consider a cash offer if you were to make one. I really am looking for a new fun way to trade. Depending on the cards I am offering I may or may not have a "reserve" on the auctions. I don't want to trade a decent relic or auto for a 1990 Donruss Julio Machado that I already have a dozen of. Once I set a bid as a leader the reserve has been met and the auction is on. If it is a "no reserve" auction then the first bid sets the bar and we go from there. I will make it clear as to any reserve level on a particular card or cards I put up. You can make bids in the comments section of the post and I will keep updating as to which offer is in the lead as the auction progresses. You can bid as often as you like and can add to a bid or change it as you wish. Tell your friends and let's have some fun with this.

     I will have my first auction starting now and it will run until Thursday 8/30 around 9:00 pm Eastern time. Here are the first cards up for grabs.

2011 Topps 60 Years Of Topps Richie Ashburn #60YOT-67
2005 Bowman Heritage Mini Kelly Johnson #19
2009 Topps Heritage CHROME Manny Ramirez #C1 sn'd 1235/1960

     This will be a no reserve auction so let the bidding begin. For possibly just one card these three cards could be yours.

UPDATE:  first and highest bid  is  a and g code list (jake perry, lindeman, kring, lennie guttman, bloodstained pin, lennie's ring) and base card 50.
40 minutes left at time of this update.
Auction over ~ daddyohoho wins!

    On a similar note, I have begun listing and bidding a little bit on Listia. I put the link on top of the right sidebar to join. If you use that link we both get bonus credits. Nachos Grande turned me on to it and it is pretty fun. It's a cool way to get some "free" cards and other stuff so it's worth checking out so bid here and then go join there.

    Keep rocking your cardboard dreams people!
Thanks for Reading!


Justin McLeod said...

Cool idea! I'll definitely participate if I see something that I like. :)

Stealing Home said...

yup..i like ur idea too. i'll keep an eye out for soemthing i like.

daddyohoho said...

I can knock a few items off your a and g code list (jake perry, lindeman, kring, lennie guttman, bloodstained pin, lennie's ring) and base card 50.

Let me know



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