Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trade Post Triple Play

Hello all. Today I have a trade post with 3 times the fun. I know I am behind on these so I want to give you three today from more recent trades so I can try to stay up to date while I still do have some from older trade to still get too.

First up I have a short and sweet deal with Drew from Drewscards. He has a Deuce McAllister jersey card I wanted and I had a duplicate Kellen Clemens to swap for it. I mentioned a Swisher jersey card I had and he proceeded to swap a Daniel Murphy 2010 auto for it. I tossed in an extra swisher base or two and he had the same thought and slipped in a Pelfrey RC.

Thank Drew for another sweet trade!

Next up is a package from David, aka Tunguska of Long Flyball Because.... He was interested in a Carlos Zambrano jersey card and some other Cubs from my 2008 Upper Deck Heroes box break. He had a nice Robinson Cano Ticket to Stardom bat card to offer up. The he said he had a couple of cards off my most wanted list plus an Ichiro game used so I threw in some more stuff into his envelope and it was trade on.

I really liked the relics with the ticket stubs from this set.

These two were off my most wanted list. I only need 2 now to complete the Ticket to Stardom base set. (101 Granderson, 139 Petitte). I now also am looking for the 07 Ginter Wright relic.

Thanks David for a great trade. Hope to get into another one with you soon.

The third trade in this trio is with Sam aka the Dimwit (his name, not my idea) over at The Daily Dimwit. I recently found his blog and he had some cool cards posted and available for trade so I inquired about some of them and a deal was on. The Teixeira Ginter jersey, the Reyes Goodwin Champions jersey, and the Cat Osterman Ginter jersey were the eye catchers I wanted.

H e even added in the redemption card for the Osterman which I like to save with the cards now that redemptions are on line and not mail in any more.
He must have had an accident when packing the envelope because some other stuff fell in with the trade cards.

Thanks Sam, I hope you are happy with your first on line trade and I hope to hook up another one with you.

Don't forget the The Pack Rip Cafe where today I have a Yak Pack.

Thanks for Reading!

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Glad you liked the cards!

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