Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Technical Difficulties Have Hit The Buffet and A Documentary Team

    Hello all. It's been a few days since I have posted here for a few reasons and I am not happy about it. This weekend became a washout after a surprise work day Saturday and a huge rain storm Sunday that resulted in some basement flooding, no real damage thankfully but still a pain to clean up. The bigger problem is that technical difficulties have hit The Buffet. The two USB ports on my computer have stopped working and after several hours over the last few days I have determined that they are not repairable (for a reasonable price at least) so I am basically stuck with no way to upload pictures, scans, and videos to my computer and then the blog of course. Needless to say I am not a happy camper at this time. We are approaching the home stretch of the group break and I have a bunch of great trade packages to show off as well as some other great stuff to post about. I now am forced to pause the break since I take video or pictures and it's WAY to much for a lousy typist like myself to type out all the cards. I hope to find a resolution to this issue by the weekend and get back on track. My posting will be limited til then but I can still read and comment on all your great blogs out there. I also lost a lot of time I planned to work on trades I have working out there so please be patient if we have a deal in the works as I will get back on that as well. Sorry for the inconvenience but I will figure something out ASAP.
    I do already have the rest of the Documentary teams in my files so I can at least finish that part of the break as I remedy the situation. Next up................................


  There you go, one more team down. Some good looking action shots in the Rays lot.

That's all I have for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Reading!



I feel for you ! I know what it is like to be "down". I was without a PC at all for about 3 months ! Do what you have to do and hang in there!

Anonymous said...

We all know the truth is you're going to skip town with our money and the cards, assume a new name and sell our baseball cards on eBay. Just admit it. ;)

Spankee said...

The suspense is killing me with the documentary.

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