Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Break End Is Here! (Well Almost)

   Hello all. I have completed opening everything for the group break and videos have been taken so now all you have to do is grab a beer (or 2), or whatever you like as I have here for you the last 5 videos of the remaining bonus loose packs and the last box (2009 Topps 206). The total running time of all the videos is about  an hour and forty-five minutes so sit back, relax, and enjoy. I don't think I put the videos in order that I made them so if something doesn't make sense that may be why but it shouldn't matter as far as the order of the packs.

Bonus Loose Packs

Bonus Football Loose Packs

Bonus Over Production Era Loose Packs

Bonus Loose Packs

2009 Topps 206 Box

      The count page is updated to show the final tally of cards for each team. There are 59 cards to be randomed among the 30 teams so each team will get 2 of them (one of my teams will only get one) and I will random the 2, 3, and 4 team cards as well. The way I will do the random among all the teams is to have one of my kids sort all the cards into a random pile with the hits mixed among them and then I will random all the teams on Random.org and the order they come out is the order I will distribute them with all teams having a chance for the six hits.

   There you have it, the end of this marathon group break. I have had a great time doing this break but at the same time am glad it is done so I can get back to normal posting and I have trades that are in progress that have been delayed so I can devote the time to getting them done. I also have a big pile of great trade packages to post about so I look forward to that. I hope you all enjoyed it and I will probably get the random up tomorrow providing nothing unexpected comes up.

That's it for now. Keep rockin your cardboard dreams!

Thanks for Watching!


Nathan said...

I believe that Walter Johnson's Senators Team actually became the Twins. The Senators that became the Rangers were an expansion team that joined in 1961.

BA Benny said...

Thanks for letting me know that, I will make the correction.

hiflew said...

On my third beer with one video still to go, but I would answer your question about multiple players in a team collection now.

If the multiple players only contain one Rockie it goes with that player in my binder. At the end of my binder, currently after Todd Zeile, is my multiple Rockies portion and team cards.

Oh and BTW, in case I haven't said it yet, TY for hosting this great break.

Colbey said...

Hosting these breaks monthly I know first hand how much work they can be. Thanks for hosting such a large break. Even though I didn't get my regular team (Braves) it was still a lot of fun. Now comes the "best" part...packing everything up to mail!

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