Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Break Multiple Player Cards Randomed Off And The Plan For The Rest.

   Hello everybody. I have randomed the break cards that represented more then one team and the video shows who got what. Forgive me for the excessive camera movement as I was switching between windows while holding the web cam so it moved around a little bit but all the randoms should be represented. The video is about 27 minutes as it took longer then I thought it would so feel free to skip ahead to the cards that involve your team(s).

    As far as the other cards that don't fit into a specific team category, I will post the list of cards either tonight or tomorrow and then each break participant will e-mail me a list in the order that you would pick the cards. If you have more then one team I still only need one list. I will then list all thirty teams on and shake them up 5 times to determine the draft order. I will then distribute the cards in the order you selected them in the order of the team list if that makes sense to you. The second time through we will go in reverse order so if you pick first your second pick will be last. We have 58 cards to pick so I will add 2 cards so that each team gets two cards from the lot. I was going to try and do some kind of live draft but to get over 20 people together for what amounts to 2 cards for most, it would not be worth the effort that everybody would have to make so this seems like the easiest way while you still can get a say in what you get depending where your team(s) fall on the list. Any questions, feel free to ask.

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hiflew said...

I think the emailed list will work if every does it. However, I would suggest doing a draft order based on # of hits followed by # of total cards. That way the teams that didn't get a team hit could at least get the USA hits.

I got a hit already, so I don't really benefit myself and nothing wrong with spreading the love around.

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