Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 I'm Back! 10 Number Ten Cards

    Hello all! I am back and very glad about it. I just finished a run of 22 straight days at work and am stoked it's over. We had a couple of tornadoes come through Brooklyn and Queens NY and many, many trees came down. When trees come down they tend to take telephone and electric cables and poles with them and then we have to put them back up. Luckily my neighborhood was nor affected but many area I work were. 10/10/10 has been good to me as just having a day off is awesome in itself and having time to post is great. I have been able to read and comment on some blogs on my laptop during some rare downtime but posting wasn't an option.
    I return with a post that fits today's theme of 10. I grabbed 10 cards numbered 10 to show here on 10/10/10.

2010 Topps HTA #10 Jackie Robinson (Dodgers)
These cards are exclusive to HTA Shops and the set of fifty were given out a couple of cards each week during the season.

 2009 Goudy #10 James Parr (Braves)
I couldn't find much info about this player except he was drafted in 04 by the Braves and was in their minor league system in 08 and 09.

2005 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH10 Shawn Green (D-Backs)
Green batted .283 over his 15 year career while going to two all-star games, winning one gold glove, one silver slugger, and finishing in the top ten in MVP voting three times. All in all a very solid career with four different teams before ending his career with the Mets after the 07 season.

1995 Bazooka Red Hots #RH10 Paul O'Neill (Yankees)
A 5 time all-star over a 17 year career with the Reds and Yankees. Here in NY he was a fan favorite with his hustle and fiery passion for the game. I never saw a water cooler that could stand up to him. I was able to meet him at a book signing with my son and he couldn't have been nicer to us so he will always be a favorite of mine.

 2008 Upper Deck Heroes #10 Brian McCann (Braves)
Great factoid on the back of this card about the Brave's backstop homering in 5 straight games back in 2007.

 1990 Topps #10 Barry Larkin (Reds)
A 12 time all-star during 19 seasons, all with the Reds. Larkin also has 8 Silver Slugger awards and a .338 post-season average to make him one of the Reds all time players.

2006 Topps Mickey Mantle Home Run History #10 (Yankees)
This is #10 of 536 in an insert set that Topps put in various sets between 2006-2008. Each homer of Mantle's career is celebrated with the information about each including the date, inning, opponent, game situation, etc.

2007 Topps Finest #10 Carlos Beltran Refractor /199 (Mets)
The 1999 Rockie of the Year, Carlos Beltran has struggled with injuries the last two seasons with the Mets. All Mets fans hope he returns to his all-star form in 2011. 

1980 Topps Burger King #10 Tom Seaver (Reds)
A 2.86 career ERA says it all about this HOFer. 1967 ROY and a 3 time Cy Young winner are just the tip of all the awards this all time great has won.

1991 Post #10 Tony Gwynn
One of the greatest hitters in the history of the game, Tony Gwynn played all 20 of his seasons with the Padres and made 15 all-star teams. A .338 average over that long of a career is just mind boggling but when .309 is your worst career season it all makes sense. Get well Tony!

    There you go, 10 cards numbered 10 on 10/10/10. I am glad to be back posting and hope you all continue reading.
    The Pack Rip Cafe also returns with a 2010 Topps Chrome pack. Check out the shiny goodness.

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timmy519 said...

Glad You are back

night owl said...

Thanks for getting everyone's phone and electricity back! I've been without power many times and I truly appreciate the folks that have to go out in all kinds of weather to get things working again.

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