Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Correction and An Apology

 Hey all. I post today to correct the post I made yesterday about a trade I recently made. I made a great trade with Adam of My Cardboard Mistress but I added some cards from another great trade I made with Steven over at Everybody Loves Autos so I must apologise to him for the mistake. My card room is a mess right now and the desk I use is way too cluttered so I ended up mixing some of the cards he sent with the cards from my trade with Adam. He sent me a bunch of inserts I needed for my 2010 Topps and 2010 Topps Opening Day sets. He also helped me finish off the Ticket To Stardom base set with the last card I needed, #101 Curtis Granderson. He also included the TTM's I mistakenly posted in the trade from Cardboard Mistress.

Again notice how Kevin Elster signed without removing the card from the penny sleeve by mistake. The Tanana looks sweet and Bonilla just went with a large "BO" on his.

Two of these were also mistakenly mixed up as well. Steven hooked me up with the great looking Brad Smith auto card and the CC Sabathia insert serial numbered /99.

Thanks to Steven for a great trade and I am really sorry for the mix up. I am stoked with the cards that you sent me and hope to trade again in the future.

Thanks for Reading!

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Steven M said...

No problem at all Mike, I'm glad you enjoy the cards.

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