Monday, October 11, 2010

Trade with Too Many Grandersons and a Couple Of Plugs.

     Hello again all. Today I have a post on a trade I did with Dennis of Too Many Grandersons  a little while back. I guess he had too many Mets and Yankees because he sent over a nice box of NY goodies that made my day. The box actually came on a day that I had an exceptionally hard day at work during the run of replacing poles at a feverish pace. 
     The trade conversation began with a comment I made on a 2005 Topps Chrome break he had done and the Mets and Yankees would fit right in my needs and he collects Tigers and Lions as well as Michigan alum so we were off and running. Here are a few of them.

He then mentioned that he had some 05 refractors too and in the box they went. Here are just a few.
Next he adds in some other refractors for good measures. Good thing I found some more Lions for him. Man, I really love the shinys!

Next thing I know he says he has a bunch of other Mets and Yankees from several different years so I started digging for more Tigers.

Next thing Dennis adds in are some serial numbered goodies along with a Piazza/I-Rod dual bat card. Again here are just a few of the gems.

I think these two came from his Christmas box and the Piazza still has a string to hang it on the tree.

Also included was a bunch of A-Rods (non Yankees) for the player collection and he even hit my new collection of cards with American flags on them and threw in 7 of those. I forgot to take a picture, sorry.
     When all was said and done he filled a 660 count box with all kinds of Buffet favorites. This is just a small fraction of the awesomeness that was in the long box. As you can see, Dennis is a way generous trader and he writes a great blog too so check him out.

On other fronts, Sam of The Daily Dimwit  is holding a contest over in his spot in Blogoland while Colby, aka FlyWheels, is hosting a very affordable group break over on Cardboard Collections. Head on over to both and join the fun. Don't forget to check out The Pack Rip Cafe for my latest pack rip.

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