Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some New Additions To My Offbeat Collections and Some Ideas For Others.

   Hello all. Today I have some new additions to some for my offbeat collections to share with you. Since I started surfing around Blogoland reading some of the great blogs out there I noticed how a lot of people had some pretty cool quirky collecting goals so I figured I could too. I have added or enlarged existing collections of team cards, error cards and their corrected counterparts, promo/sample cards, stadiums, managers, cards about New York, team logo cards/stickers, and cards with American flags somewhere on them.

First up are three for the team logo collection.

 Next up is a foursome going into the New York collection. You may recall the mini from my last trade post.

 These four will be added to the cards with American flag collection.

  Since I have read so many of the great blogs out there I have begun looking at cards in a different light, especially ones not in my collecting radar, so "different" cards get a new found appreciation.

I bet someone out there may like these.

 I don't recall who collects cards with batters bunting but if you remind me, these are yours.

 Now I have some ideas for other "different" collections so if you want to expand your goals, maybe some of these may look good to you. Feel free to ask for any of these.

Cards of players playing on a construction site.

How about choking up on the bat cards?

Cards with really big bases.

Cards that include cameras on them.

I don't recall to many golf carts featured on cards. This one will go into my Griffey collection though.

This one could begin your collection of players who just smelled a bad fart.

How about players with babies?

 These two could be in the fun with rosin bags binder.

There you have it, some ideas for new offbeat collections. Let everybody know what you think or share your offbeat collections.

Thanks for Reading!


SpastikMooss said...

AMAZING FINDS! I especially like the construction one for some reason.

night owl said...

The Maxwell card IS great. I've seen him play in Syracuse a couple times. I'll have to get that card.

AdamE said...

I think it is Grand Cards that collects cards of people bunting. I could be wrong though.

Colbey (flywheels) said...

As a dad I really like cards of players w/ their children. That Lyle Overbay is a nice example.

Jeremy said...

The Maxwell card is cool. I like any cards that have cameras in them or that have scoreboards in the background. It's a side project of mine to find as many of those as possible.

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