Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trade With The Dimwit and A Hot Tejada Sighting.

     Hey again Buffet readers. Today I have a trade post to finally get to on a trade I put together with Sam of The Daily Dimwit fame. I guess timing is everything as he too is behind on trade posts like I am and he just recently posted about the same trade. As usual a comment I made to a post Sam made on some stuff he opened up led to an e-mail exchange and another great trade with him was born. I had some Astros that needed a good home and he had some wayward New Yorkers that needed to come back east. Here are just a few of the goodies that jumped out of an excellent bubble mailer.



These minis are great. He even hit my cards featuring New York with the Queensboro Bridge 206 mini.

  The Buhner auto is fun, the Posada jersey looks much better then the picture shows, and the Fernando Martinez is my first Piedmont and looks great. The Perez is a 2009 A&G rip card sn'd 02/99 (ripped). I never saw one of these in person before and it looks really cool. I think Sam told me what was inside but I can't remember.  

 There it is, just a taste of the goods from a great trade. Check out his blog and see if you can help him with some Astros stuff.

 On another front, I  got an envelope last week from Tim, aka SpastikMooss, over at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. I wasn't expecting anything from him as we didn't currently have any trades set up but once in a while you get those surprize packages from out there in Blogoland and it's all good. Well he got me with the HOT TEJADA!

Damn, I thought the mailer felt warm before I opened it! If you don't know about this little ambush here is the post about how Tim got it and Beardy's original post. Now the original plan was for the person who has this card at the end of the season to be the loser but due to a period of time that the Hot Tejada went MIA I propose (with Beardy's blessing of coarse) that we extend the travels through spring training next year. What better way to warm up a mailbox on a cold winter day then a Hot Tejada. So be on the lookout as I will be sending this little gem back out into Blogoland to it's next victim.

   Check out some T-96 cards over on The Pack Rip Cafe.

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