Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vend-O-Pack Goodies Yankees Style and a Group Break link

   Hello again Buffet readers. Today I serve up some goodies I scored out of the Vend-O-Pack machine in the flavor of  New York Yankees. A couple of weeks ago I was working near one of the stores where one of the two Vend-O-Pack machines are so I ventured over on my lunch hour and grabbed some packs for the Pack Rip Cafe. I also scored 4 singles he had in one of the rows.

Two Derek Jeters from 2000 Bowmans Best

A Mantle from the 97 Mantle Collection set and a very cool oddball of Nolan Ryan.

 There was also a row that had team bags with about 20 Yankees cards in each so I grabbed 5 of these as I figured I couldn't lose being that I am a Yankee collector after my first love, the Mets. Here are some of the highlights.

A couple of Donnie Baseball and a Paul O'Neill

Some old-timers. Mel, Billy, and Joe.

Buckey Dent and Ron Guidry from my favorite late seventies teams and a sweet Whitey Ford from SP.

An 87 Donruss Rickey Henderson and two nice Nettles cards.

One of my favorite modern era Yankees, Bernie Williams.

All in all some great Yankees cards at a real fair price, I think it worked out to about 5 cents apiece. There were only acouple of duplicates with the exception of the 87 Donruss Rickey Henderson which came in every bag so if anybody needs one, I have several. I guess he has a boatload of them to get rid of.
I also got a pack of the 04 Upper DeckYankees Legends that I feature today on BA Benny's Pack Rip Cafe to continue the Yankees flavor of the day.

On a different note, Anthony over at Georgia Mindset is doing a break of a case of 2010 Bowman Chrome. There are still great teams available (sorry Mets are taken) so head on over. I was in his last Topps Chrome/Triple Threads break and he runs a nice show over there.

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Charles @ Hoopography said...

I love the Billy Martin card. The '91 Bernie Classic card photo is funny. He looks afraid to run.

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