Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fuji Delivers On His Contest!

BA Benny's a winner thanks to Fuji over at The Chronicles of Fugi blog. Well he made everybody a winner but it's still fun to win. He held a great contest over a few weeks where all you had to do was answer a question of the day to gain entries. They were fun questions on a variety of subjects. After all was said and done, I won a prize package that consisted of a lot of 20 Garbage Pail Kids cards.

These 7 are from the 2003 set.

All but one of these are from the 1986 set (the year I graduated high school) and the one is from 1985.

I really appreciate the prize and the generosity of Fuji but all these are up for trade as I don't collect them. Fuji also threw in some extra cards too and they are a bit more up my alley.

Five sweet Yankees cards and I didn't have any of them so that's extra sweet.

Now this is a great surprise as I have not had the pleasure of trading with San Jose Fuji (I gotta change that) as of yet and it would seem he adds these in with trades. I think it's an auto too but its hard to tell since it's on card so I cant see if it is or if it's printed on. Let me know Fuji as I am curious.

Thanks for a cool contest!

Speaking of contests, I am planning my next one. It was supposed to be for 10,000 hits but I am over 11,000 now so I guess it will be for an oddball number of hits. Stay tuned for that and check out The Cafe for a pack of 1995 Pinacle Zenith.

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SpastikMooss said...

I would say definitely an auto. Mine was down the side instead of in the middle, so I think he signs them all? Either way, I loved it too - very cool insert!

Ben Hughes said...

Too bad I don't have all those Garbage Pail Kids from 1986. I remember trying to get all I could.

Fuji said...

I'm glad you received them... Hopefully you'll get something you want in return for the GPK's. I'd better not see you selling my autograph on eBay though... lol. And SpastikMooss is right... they're on-card signatures... I considered using sticker autos, but didn't want to diminish the value ;-)

Colbey (flywheels) said...

I'm a closet vintage GPK fan. If no one else expresses interest in those '86 cards let me know and we'll work out something.

Charles @ Hoopography said...

Those GPK cards are awesome. I remember collecting them back in the day like so many others. Good Stuff!!!

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