Monday, September 13, 2010

New Collecting Catagory Added At The Buffet

     Hello all. I am back after a busy weekend to put out a call for help in adding a new type of collecting category to my collection. I have decided to go for cards with American flags on them. The flag can be in the picture, printed on the card, on a players uniform, just somewhere on the card front.  Here are a few that I have started the collection with.

The Buhner with the flag background and Sosa with a flag in his cap.

The Lugo is a perfect shot of him in front of the flag on the outfield wall. The Olerud is hard to see but the gold foil is two flags under his picture. It's ironic that he is on a Canadian team but the flags are American.

Here are a couple on Adenhart and Lambert's uniforms.

These two are not part of the pictures but are on the card as a country team symbol.

   There it is, my new idea on a collection so help me out and lets trade. I want to see what interesting cards I can find. While baseball is my main focus with football as a side dish, for this little project I will go with any sports.

Thanks for Reading!


Colbey (flywheels) said...

I like the idea, good luck with that. I'll keep my eyes open for you.

Anonymous said...

Good idea.

Play at the Plate said...

You should be able to get quite a few of these.

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