Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trade With Cardboard Mistress

   Hey all. Today I will show off a sweet trade package from Adam aka Spankee of My Cardboard Mistress. It all started innocently as he had some of the 2008 UD Heroes  I needed and I had some 2009 A piece of History's he needed. See what I still need and who's helped out here. Next thing you know I had a refractor he liked and he had a jersey card I liked and I did a little digging for players on his want lists and he did the same and we had a full out trade thrown together and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. On to the loot.

First some shiny refractive treats.

Three serial numbered goodies and a great auto.

Some former Mets TTM's he had. Notice how Kevin Elster signed the penny sleeve by mistake.

Some fabrics I will welcome with open arms into the collection.

A Seaver mini (red back) and a surprise bonus lot. I wonder what's inside.

Nice! The Santana is a copper /399. The "collect" is a fun decal he made too.

There you go with a journey of pictures through a sweet trade. He writes a good blog too so check him out.

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces served up on The Pack Rip Cafe today.

Thanks for Reading!


Steven M said...

Hey BA Benny I actually sent you the Mets TTMs and the Brad Smith auto. Hope you like the cards.

Spankee said...

Yeah, Steven M beat me to it...see above

Anonymous said...

Is that a sign you're getting old, or what? LOL

BA Benny said...

Please accept my apology for the mistake Steven. My desk is a mess and I mixed up cards from the two trades. Both trades were great and arrived close together so I guess I brain farted and mixed them up. Maybe I am getting confused in my old age Red Bird. LOL

I have posted a correction.

Charles @ Hoopography said...

Nice Jeter UD Jersey card and Rivera Ref. That Kevin Elster auto is hilarious.

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