Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poll Time, When Was Jeter Green?

Hey all Buffet readers. Today I have 3 questions for you. Over the course of time I have picked up a few of the Vintage brand "player jersey" cards that are assembled seperately from the swatch. Here are some examples from my collection.

Manny Ramirez

Keith Hernandez

Darius Watts

Mike Piazza

Now the first question. Like, Hate, Undecided?? Vote on the poll in the sidebar.
I fall in the undecided catagory. The size makes storage an issue. The only binder page they fit in is a 2 slot page and they slide around because they don't fit right. You can pop the perforated part on the backs and stand them up like picture frames.
I am not a big fan of this. Where do you keep them, next to Grandma's pictures or your vacation pics from Disney? I do like the layout of the  the cardboard frames. They look pretty nice, especialy the ones that have the ball stitching backgrounds.

Next Question. Where are the jersey pieces from. Clearly they don't always match the picture or even the year on the card. The Piazza has an orange swatch with a Dodgers card. I don' think so. It's either a Mets batting practice or 05 all star workout jersey like these two cards state on their backs. Back in 93 I think they still wore their regular uniforms for the all star festivities.

So where do they come from? According to Vintage they come from Upper Deck.

Quite a generic statement. Vintage assembles and distributes. Upper Deck wouldn't lie to them, would they? So what happens, they go to Upper Deck and are given a zip lock bag with a few hundred swatches and they guess what cards to put with them? The Darius Watts sure looks like a Broncos patch how ever upon closer inspection the patch has a round shape to it and his Bronco number was 17, all straight lines. Things that make you go hmmmm. I am not even going to speculate on the Hernandez ball piece.
Around the Christmas holidays I was in Toys R Us and saw a rack with some of these on clearence so I figured why not and grabbed seven of them for fun. This is what I got.......

Two Doug Meintkiewicz Yankees

2  more Doug Meintkiewicz Yankees

Derek Jeter Yankees

Two more Derek Jeter Yankees

Ok, third question. When the hell did Jeter wear GREEN?!? I have to guess if these are actually Jeter swatches they must be all star swatches but I don't recall what year the AL has green practice jerseys. I looked around the net but couldn't find any info. The white swatch looks pretty sharp though. Also I know Doug Meintkiewicz only was a Yankee for one season but still get the jersey right. I get four, yes four of his cards and not a peep of a pinstripe on any of them. One has some cool threads sticking out and another one has a nice dirt stain but not a hint of stripe. As a Mets fan I like to hope they are from his Mets days but who knows.

Let me know what you think, shed some new info on these, and don't forget to vote on the poll.


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Roy said...

Might have been one of those days honoring the irish? I know I've seen green hats (like 2007 Upper Deck Shaun Marcum) but I don't know about green jersies. The only green team is Oakland and they haven't hosted festivities in Jeter's time.

dogfacedgremlin said...

I'm afraid these remind me too much of the NSA stuff that you can find all over the internet. There are even video's of people tearing these things apart only to find that they are less than desirable. I can't say that I am a fan and I hope you didn't pay a whole lot for them, even on clearance.

BA Benny said...

I did some research on Vintage and they are a legit company. They have product in several chain stores like Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, etc. I don't think they are faking it as even Upper Deck would not lend their name to a scam on this scale. I did get them real cheap, $1.87 if I remember correctly.

Hackenbush said...

Hard to tell on my computer but your Jeter swatches might be from a 2009 All-Star game batting practice jersey.

(...Joe) said...

Bleh, I've seen these before and I'm not really impressed myself. Like you said, a big thing is what to do with them?

Looking at the Jeter cards, the jerseys almost look like football jerseys. I've noticed on football game used stuff, the jerseys have holes like that, while the baseball jerseys are solid.


TheBrooklynMet said...

I like the Hernandez card, but I agree that storage is a problem. Have you tried those full page plastic things that Staples sells for presentations?

Swag said...

The Jeter might be one of the Spring training alternates, or some other kind of under armour-like shirt for under the jersey?

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