Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The E-Bay Fairy Visited My Mailbox This Week

Hey again Buffet readers. Today I have a few cards that fell into my mailbox from the E-Bay fairy. Let's get to the loot.

2004 Throwback Threads Player Threads Jay Payton sn'd 18/25

A sweet looking patch card. Payton only played a few years with the Mets in the majors after being the gem of their farm system. It seems like Donruss loved him though as they released several different patch and jumbo swatch cards of him from his time with the mets.

2008 Spectrum Swatches Pedro Martinez sn'd 17/35

This card is real sharp in person. If you look close you can see some stitching on this piece of fabric. Spectrum was one of the Upper Deck products I really liked the design on. The different colors used on the base, inserts, and game used were vibrant and eye catching.

2005 Leaf Century Collection Mariano Rivera sn'd 232/250

I always like the game used with odd shapes, letters, or numbers a little more then just the square box or circle with the swatch or bat piece. I had to grab this one of the greatet closer of all time.

2004 Fleer Showcase Ivan Rodriguez sn'd 146/150

Ivan Rodriguez is not one of the players I collect regularly but when I can get a game used or auto from a great player and sure fire Hall of Famer like him, I jump on the chance.
I just noticed 3 of the 4 posted here so far are road swatches. Interesting.

Now for a couple of those manufactured patches that some love and some hate. I fall into the love catagory and these next two are awesome to me.

2010 Topps Finest Tobi Stoner auto letter patch sn'd 162/217

2010 Topps Finest Tobi Stoner auto letter patch refractor sn'd 05/75

I have really taken a liking to letter patch cards and these two are awesome. The fact that the Mets called Tobi up this week makes them even sweeter. I wished they photographed better because my pics don't do them justice.

If anybody has any of these to trade, any player or team (baseball or football) let me know. Stay tuned for my first contest coming soon as you will see these 2 letter patches again.


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