Sunday, April 25, 2010

Card Of The Day ~ Can You Spare A Buck edition

Hey Buffet fans. Been a while since I did a "Card Of The Day" post so lets have one here. Today I have a 2001 Topps Archives Baseball Bucks card.

2001 Topps Archives Baseball Bucks Willie Mays

        These cards were a promotion where you could use your "Topps Bucks" to buy stuff from the archives catalog found in packs. They were three denominations, 1 buck which had Willie Mays on it (pictured), 5 bucks which had Roberto Clemente on it, and 10 bucks which had Jackie Robinson on it. I couldn't find the odds or insert rates but the back has the total print runs.

1 buck Willie Mays ~ 15,000 cards
5 bucks Roberto Clemente ~ 1000 cards
10 bucks Jackie Robinson ~ 500 cards
  I wouldn't normally feature a "contest" card but these were short printed and had the Topps hologram sticker on the back to prevent counterfeiting like on auto cards so they seem to be collectable. Besides any card with Willie Mays on it is pretty cool. Anybody interested in this card shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment and anybody with any more info like pack odds or catalog items please leave a coment.

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